NJ High School Bans Prom Limos Because Some Students Can’t Afford Them

Prom Limo
Chris McGrath/Getty

A high school in North Jersey has banned limousines for prom because some students can’t afford them.

According to a local news report, Lakeland Regional High School has banned limousines for prom on the basis that some students can’t afford to contribute to the cost of the luxury vehicles. The decision came as part of a larger policy implementation that will force all students to travel to and from prom in chaperoned buses. The school has cited security and safety concerns as catalysts for the decision.

“We have in the past, are presently and will always take the safety and security of our students seriously,” the school district’s superintendent said in a comment on the decision.

New Jersey 101.5 published a report this week, confirming that the limo ban was made in part due to concerns that some students could not afford to contribute to the cost. “Lakeland Regional High School superintendent Hugh E. Beattie said the new rule is about safety and ‘equity’ so that students who can’t afford a snazzy ride don’t feel left out,” the report reads.

The decision has caused a serious stir in the Lakeland community. Many students had been raising money since freshman year by selling chocolate and holding clothing drives for the purpose of funding their prom limousines.

Dana Bosland, a senior at the school, told a local news outlet that many of the students felt like the new policy was unfair. “If kids had been showing up at the venue drunk, then I would totally get it,” Bosland said. “But it hasn’t been like that, and no one does that anymore. It’s not worth it. Times have changed.”

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