Uber Driver Drops Off Passengers at Airport, Allegedly Robs Their Home

Uber Driver Drops Off Passenger at Airport, Allegedly Robs Their Home
San Mateo PD/Ring Security

San Mateo, California, police have arrested a Rancho Cordova Uber driver after he allegedly returned to his pickup point to rob the home of one of his customers.

Jackie Gordon Wilson was reportedly caught red-handed on a Ring security camera after he returned to the home of a customer he transported to the airport, allegedly intending to burglarize it. Authorities were alerted when the home security system’s alarm went off.

According to mySanAntonio.com, authorities located Wilson the next day in Rancho Cordova where he was “wearing the same clothes as appeared in the Ring security videos and in possession of several items from the burgled home.”

San Mateo law enforcement officials credit the home security system for the successful arrest of the allegedly serial thief. “This case proves the benefit of a home security system particularly with video,” they said. “Law enforcement is solving more crimes thanks to surveillance cameras and license plate reader systems.”

In a statement, Uber assured the public that they had “removed the driver’s access to the app as soon as we were made aware of the allegations and stand ready to assist police in their investigation.”

Wilson is currently held in the San Mateo County Jail, while police investigate the area for any other connected burglaries. Residents have been encouraged to report any helpful information to the San Mateo Police Department.


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