Reddit Censors ‘The_Donald’ Community of 750,000 Trump Supporters


Reddit, the link-sharing platform and message board known for its influential role in Internet culture, has censored The_Donald, a community of 750,000 Donald Trump supporters.

The community, one of the most active sources of grassroots support for the President on the Internet, has been placed in “quarantine” mode by the administrators of Reddit. Visitors to the page are met with a screen asking them if they wish to view the page.

Content from quarantined communities will not appear for members who are not subscribed to the board, known as a subreddit.

Reddit describes its reasons for quarantining communities as follows:

There will sometimes be communities that, while not prohibited, average redditors may nevertheless find highly offensive or upsetting. In other cases, communities may be dedicated to promoting hoaxes (yes we used that word) that warrant additional scrutiny, as there are some things that are either verifiable or falsifiable and not seriously up for debate (eg, the Holocaust did happen and the number of people who died is well documented). In these circumstances, Reddit Administrators may apply a quarantine.

In a message to The_Donald’s moderators, Reddit administrators explained that the community had been quarantined because of threats of violence from rogue users. The administrators acknowledged that The_Donald had cracked down on those comments immediately — but proceeded to quarantine the community anyway.

A spokesman for The_Donald condemned the move by Reddit in a comment to Breitbart News:

“Reddit has been finding methods to methodically censor The_Donald for years now. Enforcing special rules that only The_Donald has to follow, largely screening our submissions from reaching the front page, allowing far-left communities to harrass and dox our members (to the point of creating a chrome extension that marks anyone that posts on The_Donald).”

“This is their next step, and is generally Reddit’s step just before outright banning a community. Their reasoning is hardly sound, given that they claim they’ve had to spend too much time removing content on the subreddit that violates site-wide rules, yet their own logs show less than one removal [per] day. This censorship also takes place on the eve of the Democratic Primaries, which seems less than coincidental,” the spokesman continued.

Reddit’s decision to quarantine the main hub of Trump supporters on its platform was met with condemnation from conservatives across social media.

Breitbart News has reached out to Reddit for comment.

You can visit The_Donald here.

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