Free Speech Activist Lindsay Shepherd Banned from Twitter for ‘Misgendering’

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Free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd has been banned from Twitter after having an argument with a transgender individual. Shepherd says, “your instincts should not be to celebrate” when someone who does not share the same political views is banned from a social media platform.

Lindsay Shepherd says she was permanently banned from Twitter on Monday after a Twitter argument with a transgender individual, who goes by the name Jessica Yaniv, on Sunday, according to a report by the National Post.

The report added that the argument on Twitter began after Yaniv made comments about Shepherd’s genitalia, as well as her infant son, in which he stated, “At least my pussy is tight and not loose after pushing out a 10 pound baby.”

Shepherd reportedly responded by saying, “This is how men who don’t have functional romantic relationships speak. But… I guess that’s kinda what you are!”

“I heard @realDonaldTrump is building a wall inside of your uterus aka your ‘reproductive abnormality’ hopefully the walk works as intended,” tweeted Yaniv.

“At least I have a uterus, you fat ugly man,” replied Shepherd. “Of course, he thinks reproductive issues are something to be mocked.”

While the actual reason why Shepherd was banned from Twitter has not yet been confirmed, the free speech activist — by repeatedly referring to Yaniv as male — was violating the social media platform’s rules regarding knowingly “misgendering” a transgender individual.

Despite admittedly having no regret for the comments she had made, the free speech activist later deleted her portion of the Twitter exchange, saying that she knew Yaniv had successfully gotten other users banned in the past. The damage, however, had apparently already been done.

Yaniv, who was not banned from Twitter after reportedly engaging in the argument with Shepherd, posted a tweet on Monday celebrating Shepherd being banned from the social media platform.

“Time to throw a party! Hatred has no place in this world. Bye Felicia!” tweeted Yaniv along with a purported screenshot of Shepherd’s banned Twitter account.

“There’s always these people who celebrate when someone is banned from a social media platform,” reacted Shepherd. “Your instincts should not be to celebrate when someone you don’t like is vaporized, because now you’re not challenging your own ideas, you’re not facing any opposition, it just turns into an echo chamber.”

Shepherd is not the only Twitter user who was suspended after participating in an online argument with Yaniv. Last year, prominent Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy — who has tweeted comments like “men aren’t women” — was reportedly also banned from Twitter after an Internet spat with him.

“Because this is a trans individual they are untouchable,” said Shepherd to the National Post, “They are allowed to mock and taunt me about my biology, they can say whatever crude things they want — but when it comes to me wanting to take a shot back at that person and wanting to stand up for myself — or for my womanhood so to speak — I am permanently kicked off.”


Shepherd, who is a former Wilfrid Laurier University teaching assistant, made headlines last year after she was attacked by her colleagues for showing a video of University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson in class. In the video, the clinical psychologist discussed the usage of gender pronouns.

Shepherd says that she will likely use other social media platforms to communicate with her followers, according to the National Post. The free speech activist added that she will also consider joining Thinkspot, an upcoming social media platform announced by Peterson, which is said will allow its users to engage in free speech.

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