Yale Continues to Censor Historical Art Behind Barricade

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Yale University has refused to uncover a controversial stone carving that depicts a struggle between a Native American and a Puritan, despite promising to move it and make it available for viewing.  The School previously modified the art to remove the Puritan’s musket while leaving the Native American’s bow.

Breitbart News first reported on the statue in August 2017 when the university announced it would censor a controversial stone carving on campus that depicts the conflict between a Native American and a Puritan. Yale University originally promised that the piece would be moved to another location on campus. However, according to a report by The College Fix, the artwork remains covered.

“During renovation of the building to accommodate the Center for Teaching and Learning, the project team in consultation with Yale’s Committee on Art in Public Spaces determined that leaving the depiction in place would have the unintended effect of giving it a place of honor that it does not deserve,” Yale wrote at the time in a press release. “The university consulted faculty and other scholarly experts, who concluded that the image depicts a scene of warfare and colonial violence toward local Native American inhabitants.”

Breitbart News reported in 2017 that Yale had announced that they would simply move the carving to a gallery on campus so that it could still be observed. “The decorative piece will be made available for study and viewing, and written material will accompany it and place it in historical context,” Yale University wrote at the time.

The carving, which is currently located at the entrance to the Sterling Memorial Library, remains covered by a barricade on campus. Before it was covered, Yale modified it to remove the Puritan’s musket. However, the Native American’s bow was left untouched.

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