Community College Professor Tammy Bird Disciplined After Mocking Pro-Trump Student on Facebook

Community College Prof Tammy Bird
Johnston Community College

Tammy Bird, a professor and department chair at a Smithfield, North Carolina, community college was disciplined by administrators this week after she was reported for mocking one of her students for wearing a Trump campaign t-shirt to class.

According to a local news report, Johnston Community College Professor Tammy Bird is facing professional repercussions for her decision to post a photo of one of her students to her Facebook page to mock him for wearing a Trump t-shirt. “Hardest teaching day to date,” Bird wrote in the caption. The photo was accompanied by a series of hashtags including “#LoveTrumpsHate” and “WriteWhatScaresYou.”

Campus Reform reported on Wednesday that Bird had been disciplined as a result of the incident. Although Bird told reporters earlier this week that she had been cleared of wrongdoing, Johnston Community College President David Johnson told the press that Bird had been disciplined.

Over the past week, members of the community expressed their concerns over Bird’s classroom conduct in a series of comments to the local press.

“Ms. Bird singled out this student on social media, barely hiding his identity and did not obscure the identity of the other student(s), and added political commentary including the fact that she felt threatened by his choice of clothing. If this were my child in her class I would be very upset,” one community member told a local outlet. “Our children are not your political statement.”

A.P. Dillon, a conservative education blogger located in North Carolina, argued that Bird’s conduct is unacceptable for an educator. “It’s one thing to disagree with someone’s political views, but it is quite another to post altered photos of them mocking them on social media, which only encourages others to join in. This is reprehensible behavior that is unbecoming of an educator and faculty member,” Dillon said.

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