Texas State Student Government Attacks ‘Coming Out Conservative’ Event

Texas State Protest
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The student government at Texas State University introduced a resolution to condemn the school’s Young Conservatives of Texas student group for hosting a “coming out” event for conservatives, which coincided with the LGBT community’s “National Coming Out Day.”

The Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) at Texas State University has fallen under scrutiny for hosting an event called “Conservative Coming Out Day” encouraging students to “come out” as conservative.

The school’s student government reacted to the event by introducing a resolution condemning YCT, accusing the group of “homophobia and bias,” claiming that the event “has the effect of making it harder for LGBTQIA+ students to feel welcome on our campus.”

“The Student Senate condemns the actions of the Young Conservatives of Texas chapter at Texas State University for their biased, insensitive, and homophobic demonstration ‘Coming Out as Conservative,'” reads the resolution.

Some would argue that the reaction by student government actually comes full circle, as it clearly demonstrates why so many students choose to forego “coming out” as a conservative on college campuses across the country.

Moreover, the conservative student group says it has received threats for hosting its campus event.

Nonetheless, YCT says that it stands by its event, and released a statement, which also mentioned its affiliation with the Log Cabin Republicans — a group that represents LGBT conservatives.

The conservative group also said that members of the student government (SGA) claimed that their event attributed to LGBTQIA+ students committing “suicide.”

“To take such a serious matter as student deaths and arbitrarily blame an organization, which most of the student government refuses to talk to, is negligent and dangerous,” said YCT in its statement. “We are grateful the university does not grant the SGA any real power.”

“The Young Conservatives of Texas at Texas State University hereby denounces, condemns, and refuses to recognize the Texas State University Student Government as a legitimate, reasonable, and responsible organization,” stated YCT.

Gay conservative and Turning Point USA contributor Rob Smith offered his opinion on the matter.

“As a gay man who last year pioneered the idea of ‘coming out’ as a conservative, I completely support this group’s efforts,” said Smith to Breitbart News. “Closeted conservatives message me all the time with fear of being disowned by family, dumped by friends, and discriminated against at work just because they don’t have the ‘right’ politics.”

“This has happened to me since I ‘came out,'” added Smith. “As long as conservatives have that fear, and as long as we face very real consequences of being open about our political beliefs, we will have to ‘come out,’ just as I have to ‘come out’ as a gay man. It’s the same exact thing.”

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