Celebrated Computer Scientist Blasts Progressive Control of Academia

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Celebrated University of Washington computer scientist Stuart Reges is now speaking out against progressive control of academia after he was demoted for questioning his colleague’s claims about the alleged gender gap in hiring in the United States.

University of Washington Professor Stuart Reges published a column for Quillette this week in which he made the case that academia is controlled by a censorious group of progressives that seek to control thought and expression. Reges writes from experience. After Reges published work that countered the narrative that the American workforce is dominated by men, the University of Washington suspiciously placed him on probation.

Writing for Quillette, Reges revealed that a group of his colleagues even pushed for him to be fired over his writings on the alleged employment gender gap.

A faculty colleague told me he believes I am being fired for my political beliefs. He said it became clear during the meeting at which my reappointment was discussed that quite a few people wanted me to be summarily dismissed. Others said it was unacceptable to fire me outright. In the vote that was taken, faculty were asked to choose one of three options: no reappointment, a one-year reappointment, or a three-year reappointment. So the one-year appointment was the middle ground that allowed faculty to punish me without taking the most drastic available step just yet. I have the impression I am expected to feel grateful.

Reges wasn’t fired. Instead, he was placed on a one-year probation. During the probation, Reges will not be permitted to teach his regular courses. Reges has been teaching at the University of Washington since 2005 when he developed two introductory computer science courses that have become immensely popular amongst students.

Reges argues that speech rights are disappearing on campus. According to Reges, censorship is often “underground” on campus, meaning that students and faculty self-censor to protect themselves from academic or professional consequences. For this reason, Reges says that politically incorrect conversations only take place behind closed doors.

I am concerned that people believe free speech is improving on college campuses when in fact things are getting worse. We have fewer overt examples of speakers being shouted down and disinvited, but now the censorship is going underground. Those who talk to me behind closed doors censor themselves because they know the consequences of speaking up.

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