U. of Kentucky Embroiled in Naked Cheerleader Scandal

University of Kentucky Cheerleaders
University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky has fired its entire cheerleading coaching staff after cheerleaders were found to have engaged in extreme hazing rituals that involved alcohol, nudity, and the chanting of a sexually-explicit song. An investigation found that coaches were often present during hazing events, and one even filmed a video of the naked cheerleaders. The UK cheerleading team has won 24 of the last 35 national cheerleading titles.

According to a report by the College Fix, the University of Kentucky fired its entire cheerleading coaching staff after an investigation concluded that cheerleaders organized extreme hazing rituals. The report claims that assistant cheerleading coach Debbie Love even videotaped the hazing ritual before being asked to delete the video from her smartphone.

A faculty member made a report to the university after receiving a phone call from a cheerleader’s family. The report claimed that cheerleaders were required to participate in a hazing ritual that involved nudity, pubic drunkenness, and chanting sexually-explicit song lyrics.

I received a call from XXXXXXX regarding the cheerleading team. She informed me that the squad was on a boat, drinking was involved, and the cheerleaders were encouraged to go topless. She also said during the retreat in [Tennessee], the cheerleaders were required to stand up on a table and sing a song that had major sexual content. After they sang it once, they were encouraged to sing it again with their clothes off. She said both [the cheerleading advisor] T. Lynn [Williamson] and the head coach, [Jomo Thompson] were there. She said that a previous assistant coach, Debbie [Love] videotaped this as one point but was forced to remove the video from her phone.

This week, the University of Kentucky fired head cheerleading coach Jomo Thompson, along with assistant coaches Ben Head, Spencer Clan, and Kelsey LaCroix. The investigation found that each of the coaches failed to “provide reasonable oversight” during off-campus cheerleading events.

The University of Kentucky’s cheerleading program is amongst the strongest in the nation. The team has won 24 of the past 35 national cheerleading titles.

In a statement, University of Kentucky President Eli Capilouto said that the cheerleading program’s strength has been compromised by poor behavior.

“The University of Kentucky has built the nation’s premier collegiate cheerleading program. But regrettably, the integrity of the program has been compromised by inappropriate behavior by some squad members on off-campus trips and by lax oversight by the program’s coaches and advisor,” Capilouto said.

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