Skidmore College Students Demand Termination of Profs That Attended Pro-Police Rally

VIDEO: More than 200 Attend ‘Back the Blue’ Rally in North Carolina

Students at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York, have demanded the termination of two professors that attended a “Back the Blue” rally to defend American police officers. Skidmore College President Marc Conner has yet to reject the calls to fire pro-police faculty members.

According to a report by the College Fix, a group of student activists at Skidmore College have called for the termination of two professors that recently attended a “Back the Blue” rally. The students, who have specifically targeted faculty couple David and Andrea Peterson, claim that pro-police faculty should be required to explain their decision to attend the rally.

In the letter, the students claim that Peterson’s decision to attend the “Back the Blue” rally was “unacceptable.” The students claim that the administration should require the couple to address if their pro-police viewpoint impacts their teaching skills.

“I am emailing you absolutely outraged at the fact that Skidmore studio art professors David Peterson and Andrea Peterson, were seen protesting with Blue Lives Matter protestors, while Skidmore alumni and students were being teargassed and attacked on the other side of the street,” the letter reads. “This is absolutely unacceptable and reinforces what we art students have always known.”

“That Professor David Peterson is racist, sexist, and has made a studio space that is not inclusive through his consistent mistreatment and disregard for non-cis white male students,” the letter continues. “But now he is openly advocating and preaching exclusionary, racist, and fascist ideology.”

In a statement, Skidmore spokesperson Diane O’Connor claimed that the administration is listening to the concerns of student activists. O’Connor refused to comment on Skidmore President Marc Conner’s failure to reject calls to fire pro-police faculty.

“Skidmore College is committed to actively listening to our students and community members and participating in ongoing dialogue around issues that affect our community with the goal of improving the Skidmore experience for all individuals,” O’Connor said.

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