American Airlines Flies Passengers on Boeing 737 Max for First Time Since March 2019

MIAMI, FL - MARCH 13: A grounded American Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 is towed to another location at Miami International Airport on March 13, 2019 in Miami, Florida. American Airlines is reported to say that it will ground its fleet of 24 Boeing 737 Max planes and it plans …
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This week, the Boeing 737 Max returned to the commercial airways with a three-hour American Airlines flight between Miami and New York City. Tuesday’s flight marked the first time that a Boeing 737 Max transported commercial passengers since the plane was grounded in 2019 following two fatal crashes.

According to a report by Business Insider, an American Airlines Boeing 737 Max carried commercial passengers for the first time in many months this week. The flight, which took off in Miami and successfully landed in New York City, carried members of the media, American employees, and other passengers. Flight captain Sean Roskey even brought her mother along for the flight.

Business Insider reporter Chris Sloan documented his experience on fleet’s return to the airways.  This was not Sloan’s first experience on a Boeing 737 Max aircraft. Sloan had previously flown the route between Miami and New York.

“For years, I flew the Boeing 737 Max twice a month on one of American Airlines’ most profitable and well-traveled milk runs: between Miami and New York. Flying doesn’t get much more routine than this route, and it became pedestrian for me as it did for many others,” Sloan explained.

Passengers on board the flight felt confident issues with the plane’s infamous signaling system had been repaired during its recertification process. “It’s been tested and looked at now more than any other plane in history, so I feel completely safe,” one passenger told Sloan.

American Airlines President Robert Isom said that the airline will have reactivated all 24 of its 737 Max planes by the beginning of January. The airline also announced that they have ordered an additional 10 737 Max planes from Boeing.

However, many remain skeptical about the plane’s safety. Breitbart News reported in December that an investigative report published by Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) alleged that Boeing “inappropriately influenced” FAA test pilots during the 737 Max fleet’s recertification process.

“Our findings are troubling. The report details a number of significant examples of lapses in aviation safety oversight and failed leadership in the FAA,” Wicker said. “It is clear that the agency requires consistent oversight to ensure their work to protect the flying public is executed fully and correctly.”

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