Elon Musk: Americans Will Be ‘Unhappy’ with Big Tech as the ‘de Facto Arbiter of Free Speech’

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Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has commented on the Big Tech Masters of the Universe and their rampant censorship, saving: “A lot of people are going to be super unhappy with West Coast high tech as the de facto arbiter of free speech.”

The Tesla CEO was responded to a satirical piece by the Babylon Bee, entitled, “Evil Fascist Dictator Censored And Voted Out Of Office.”

“A lot of people are going to be super unhappy with West Coast high tech as the de facto arbiter of free speech,” wrote Musk.

“West Coast high tech has to make the distinction between banning hate speech and banning speech it hates,” commented one user in reply to Musk.

“This is an important distinction,” responded Musk.

Musk became the world’s richest person last week, with a net worth of more than $185 billion.

The Tesla CEO’s comments arrive in the wake of Twitter permanently banning President Donald Trump from its platform, as well as Mark Zuckerberg locking the president out of his Facebook and Instagram accounts, “indefinitely.”

In order to justify such moves, many big tech companies are pushing the narrative that the president’s words “incite violence,” and are a threat to “democracy” — a precedent that was also used by Google, Apple, and Amazon to justify snuffing out their competition under the guise of having concern for the public’s safety.

Following the president’s ban from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Google and Apple banned Parler — which many have been using as an alternative to Twitter — from their app stores, a move that effectively excluded the app from all Android and Apple smartphones.

Following Parler being banned from app stores, Amazon swiftly moved in to ban the site from its web hosting services, which knocked Parler offline until it can find another host.

Such moves have been criticized by many as big tech companies joining hands to silence political dissenters and exterminate their competition.

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