Twitter Blacklists MyPillow Corporate Account After Mike Lindell Tweet

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Social media giant Twitter has blacklisted the official account of the MyPillow company after CEO Mike Lindell used it to post a personal message, which the platform claims is a violation of its ban evasion policy. Jack Dorsey’s company banned Lindell from the platform last week.

Forbes reports that the official Twitter account of MyPillow has been banned from Twitter after the company’s CEO, Mike Lindell, used the account to post a tweet. Lindell took the MyPillow account to post a tweet on Sunday which read: “Jack Dorsey is trying to cancel me (Mike Lindell) out! Jack will be found out and should be put in prison when all is revealed!” Lindell was banned from the platform last week, and now Jack Dorsey and Twitter are using that as an excuse to shut down the account of his corporation.

Lindell has been a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump and was one of the key figures calling for an investigation into the 2020 Presidential election.

Since Lindell announced his support for former President Trump, his company has faced boycotts from major retailers who are now refusing to stock his pillows:

Mike Lindell, who appears in TV commercials hugging the company’s foam-filled pillows, said major retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s have dropped his products recently.

Both companies confirmed the decision to cease carrying the brand Tuesday, but cited flagging sales rather than Lindell’s actions or his support for Trump.

“There has been decreased customer demand for MyPillow,” Kohl’s said in an email.

Earlier this week, a group of conservative activists protested at a Bed Bath & Beyond store in Larkspur, California. Protestors peacefully shoped throughout the store filling up their carts before abandoning them in the store and leaving without purchasing any items. The activists left notes with the shopping carts encouraging Bed Bath & Beyond not to participate in “cancel culture” and to restock MyPillow products.

The protesters are members of the Media Action Network, a group founded by former Fox News executive Ken LaCorte. In a statement, the group said:

The Media Action Network has launched a Basket Boycott and petition against Bed Bath & Beyond after it announced it was pulling MyPillows due to CEO Mike Lindell’s politics.

We’re encouraging patriots to visit their local Bed Bath & Beyond, fill up a shopping cart, then abandon it with our statement about free speech. And never shop there again until CEO Mark Tritton reverses his decision.

“This isn’t about pillows. It’s about the continual punishment of conservative speech,” said Media Action Network founder Ken LaCorte. “And we’ve had enough.”

“Every time we turn around, another conservative has been silenced under false pretences of ‘hate’ or ‘isms’ or the most recent offense-de-jour. We’re fighting back.”

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