Dr. Drew Pinsky: It Is ‘Wrong and Bizarre’ for Big Tech to Censor Doctors

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Celebrity doctor Drew Pinsky recently stated on social media that one of his YouTube videos received a strike from the Google-owned platform and was removed. Dr. Drew alleges that non-medical professionals at the Big Tech Masters of the Universe are now deciding what qualifies as accurate medical advice. He posed this question on social media: “Do you trust a 23yr old computer coder with your life?”

In a recent series of tweets, Dr. Drew revealed that one of his YouTube videos in which he talked with another medical professional received a strike and was removed by the platform. Dr. Drew stated that he believes the decision to remove the video was not made by a medical professional but rather by a random employee at YouTube — a prospect he finds worrying.

Drew called for a “#RationalRevolution” which would encourage physicians and medical professionals to speak openly about their work.

ReclaimTheNet reported that in a recent interview on the Rubin Report alongside another doctor, Zubin Damania, and lawyer Viva Frei, Dr. Drew discussed censorship by big tech firms. He was asked about the period of time when his YouTube channel was demonetized and revealed that he was suspended for a week and threatened with permanent suspension.

Dr. Drew alleged that he received a list of YouTube policies that he must respect but they were not relevant to his content. He believes the only thing that may have alerted censors at YouTubeto his content was his discussion about COVID-19 and the status of his immunity. According to the doctor, discussing immunity is a “touchy” subject for YouTube.

Another “touchy” subject for YouTube, according to Dr. Drew, is the discussion of various methods of coronavirus treatment. He “confessed” to also speaking about this in one video when speaking with an anesthesiologist.

Drew reiterated that it was frustrating to have non-medical professionals decide what board-certified physicians are allowed to discuss, calling it “wrong and bizarre.”

As Drew stated in his recent tweet, “do you trust a 23yr old computer coder with your life?”

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