Michelle Malkin Censored by YouTube for ‘Medical Misinformation’

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki
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Conservative author and journalist Michelle Malkin has been censored by Google-owned YouTube, causing Malkin to declare that a “purge” of her content is underway. She is posting the censored content on Bitchute a video hosting platform that is pro-free speech, and is also posting the content to her Gab account.

Malkin said YouTube is targeting episodes of her regular online show, MalkinLive. She shared a message from YouTube declaring that an interview had been censored for “medical misinformation.” The video is an interview with two mothers from Colorado who are fighting for religious and philosophical exemptions from local vaccine mandates.

The conservative author was also prevented from sharing a link to her Bitchute video by Twitter.

“The purge of my YouTube #MalkinLive shows is underway,” said Malkin “Interviewing moms who support religious/philosophical exemptions from vax mandates is FORBIDDEN. Go to Bitchute for my back-ups, including this one from June 2020 that just got banned this morning.”

“Twitter seems to have a nice arrangement w/ Google/YouTube to squash competition & squelch dissent. I am forbidden from sharing my Bitchute channel links because Twitter & its partners have identified them as “harmful.” TRUTH IS HARMFUL TO LIARS & MANIPULATORS.”

In a comment to Breitbart News, Malkin said:

In 2019, I sounded the alarm on how Silicon Valley and the World Health Organization were conspiring to stifle dissent on mandatory vaccines. Parents who spoke out against Big Pharma control freaks were the canary in the deplatforming coal mine that has entrapped conservatives, pro-lifers, nationalists, MAGA activists & Donald Trump himself. Few listened and I was mocked as a “conspiracy theorist.”

Now, the Big Tech overlords are working overtime to purge every corner of the Internet of all vigorous debate and discussion of the COVID regime from masks to lockdowns to vaccine passports and beyond. Free speech and free thought are imperiled by the globalist public health bureaucracy and its allies at Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. How rich that the crackdown is escalating just days after Google/YouTube awarded its CEO “Free Expression” award! Fox meet henhouse.

Malkin was able to share a link to a post on her Gab account which contains the Bitchute video of her interview.

Bitchute confirmed that the original link was unshareable on Twitter in a post from its official account. Bitchute got around the problem by using a different URL that redirects users before forwarding them to Bitchute.

The #YoutubePurge is underway, and the authoritarians at Twitter will not even let us link directly to Michelle Malkin,” confirmed Bitchute. “But where there is a will, there is a way. chute.rocks/hhgFbqqirk8.”


Allum Bokhari is the senior technology correspondent at Breitbart News. He is the author of #DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal The Election.


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