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Media Pulled Kicking and Screaming Into SolyndraGate


I can hear them right now in newsrooms across the country—

“Are you sure we need to cover this story about a possible fraudulent solar power company?”

“Won’t we look bad when we promote ‘Green Week?'”

“Should we show that video of the Obama at the Solyndra plant, or just act like we lost that file video?”

“But we have been saying for years that Green Jobs will save our future and our economy, how do we walk this back?”

“Won’t this make the Stimulus look bad?”

“If we just ignore it, it’ll go away, besides, we have the Michael Jackson doctor story to lead with!”

“How much did Obama know and when did he know it?” Wait, forget that last question, they won’t be asking that.

These questions might not be asked out loud at meetings, but they don’t have to be.

Don’t worry my media friends, I know how you roll, I’ve been in those meetings, you are hoping the public is much more stupid than they are (they are not) and hoping that they are not paying attention (and they are.) Some of those viewers actually have the internet and they know how to use it. They might even (gasp) listen to Evil Talk Radio.

The Obama connection with Solyndra is an easy one to make. Perhaps that’s why we’re not seeing the story. Protect Dear Leader.

Other than great work by Jake Tapper at ABC, the activist old media has virtually ignored this story because it destroys many of their templates and does so all at the same time. 1) Green jobs, 2) overreaction to supposed “global warming,” 3) Obama is not corrupt, but he is different than other politicians, 4) the stimulus will save us, 5) government knows best … and there are probably a few more I have left out.

This scandal is getting deeper every day and is ablaze on the Internet. This story is being powered by something, and it aint solar; it’s being powered by the truth. It’s being powered by a public that wants to know how a company can squander more than $500 million dollars of our money and why the President would give it to them in the first place, when apparently the White House knew this company had serious problems. E-mails are now out there. Yep, they knew and they still went along with the half-a-billion dollar ruse.

Let’s do the comparison game here for a moment. In 2003 the media was looking for a scandal to take down the Bush White House. “PlameGate” was born. For four years the media blasted the Bush administration for supposedly leaking the name of a CIA agent. Investigations were demanded, accusations made, David Schuster of NBC said Karl Rove would be indicted. CBS did an expose on how both CIA agent’s safety, and national security could be threatened because of the supposed leak. Patrick Fitzgerald conducted an investigation and the media demanded answers. FOUR BLOODY YEARS of hell is what the media put the Bush White House through and inflicted falsehood after falsehood on the public. Many days Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann did nearly their entire hour on the non-issue. Of course, the story flamed-out. Nothing to see here. It was Richard Armitage who leaked the name. Whoops. Sorry, no,actually, they weren’t sorry—there was never an apology.

Four years of “might be’s,” “could be’s,” and “maybe’s,” led to flame-out. Some of us could see the foolishness of that story at the time and I recall vividly some spirited conversations I had in newsrooms about my desire to keep that story in its proper context. For what it’s worth, I was right–but that was easy to see at the time if your eyes were open.

As wrong as the media was during that four year period, they are just as wrong now as they look to protect Dear Leader. Eventually–they will be pushed into doing this story. The facts demand it.

Even if they jump on this story now, they are already too late, this story has been years in the making. Here are the questions newsrooms should’ve been asking long ago relating to Solyndra, Obama and solar energy.

“What is the veracity of solar energy for the future?”

“Is the planet really warming?”

“Who approved giving more than $500 million of our dollars to this company and why?”

“Where did the money go?”

“Where has that money gone from all the “stimulus” programs?”

“Which political campaigns did Solyndra management contribute to?”

Oh, and this one–“What did Obama know and when did he know it?”

Yeah–these questions are tough to ask. They hit a little too close to the media’s home.


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