Joy Behar Exposes Lincoln The Great Enslaver

In “The View’s” recent interview with Herman Cain, Joy Behar made the blockbuster revelation that “the Republican Party hasn’t been black friendly over the many centuries in this country.”

Janeane Garofalo

Dang, I had it backwards all these years. Professor Behar has now debunked the nefarious GOP conspiracy to obscure the apparent true history of Jefferson Davis and the Democrat Party as valiant freedom fighters against Abraham Lincoln and the Republican enslavement of blacks and enactment of Jim Crow laws. Now I’m breathlessly awaiting the two hour “View Special Report: Republican Racists Exposed.”

Joking aside, I can’t decide whether Behar is pathetically ignorant or maliciously deceitful. Either way, it is shocking that a liberal “journalist” can appear on national television and, without harsh rebuke or universal media derision, whitewash the sordid history of Democrat oppression of blacks and slander the commensurate noble history of Republican efforts to support blacks.

Race-baiting has become cliche among the Left for at least three decades. The uglier side of that cliche is the barely masked hatred the Left reserves especially for conservative black politicians – a hatred that often appears uncomfortably close to old-time Democrat racism. Recently it has plunged some leftwingers into spittle flying, vein popping rage, while others, such as Janeane Garofalo, engage in incoherent psycho-babbling that Republicans love Herman Cain because they secretly hate black men. The Left incessantly chants how Cain is a stupid, unlearned, unserious Uncle Tom. While usually incoherent and witless, the Left’s message is consistent: Blacks are not entitled to respect if they express opinions contrary to those permitted them by the Left.

Behar’s torturing of American race history is the equivalent of saying the Allies weren’t “Jew friendly” during WWII. More than just “false”, however, it maligns history in a manner almost as toxic as Holocaust denial.

Obviously, the Make-Believe Media see political value in race-baiting and historical smearing, but to thinking Americans, Behar’s altered reality is more evidence of the MBM’s festering political and journalistic neurosis.


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