Media Acts As Propaganda Arm For Occupy's Rose Bowl Plans

What is the Rose Parade’s connection to claimed Wall Street abuses? Nothing. But that isn’t stopping the LA Times, ABC local tv, Yahoo, and other media from dutifully promoting the decomposing Occupy movement’s plan to disrupt the century-old event.

As of December 22, Occupy The Rose Parade had a pathetically insignificant 191 followers on Facebook and 283 followers on Twitter, and its grandiose fundraising plans had raised a laughable $600 just days from their planned protest immediately following the January 2, 2012 Rose Parade. Given the irrelevant scope of this “movement,” prominent media nonetheless hype their plans and the Pasadena Police Department is specifically working with them to allow their participation in the informal parade that traditionally trails the formal parade floats.

How can this happen, and who is behind this anemic, yet overly propagandized, protest? Peter Thottam is the founder of Occupy The Rose Parade.

[youtube 3fsHIxdmHXI]

He is also an ivy-leaguer from Yale, a Goldman Sachs alum, and former corporate lawyer from an international mega law firm, with a Boalt Hall law degree and a UCLA MBA. A true one percenter if there ever was one, right?

Founder of at least two anti-war organizations, in 2008 Thottam was arrested in Ventura for confronting Nancy Pelosi over the Iraq war. Thottam knows how to get television attention, too: he wore a Dick Cheney mask to draw attention to his efforts to impeach Bush during the 2008 Rose Bowl Parade on local television.

Like a one-trick pony, disgraced lawyer, admitted thief and shoplifter Peter Thottam is once again trotting out his Rose Bowl protest theme – presumably to resuscitate the Occupy chaos, but perhaps more likely for self-aggrandizement. And unlike his previous efforts, this time he’s cleaned himself up and donned a more respectable costume, that of an official Rose Parade organizer, to meet with media.

A trust fund child of wealth and privilege, Peter Thottam graduated from Beverly Hills High School 1989 as a self described socialist and Marxist, urging other students to read Karl Marx’s manifesto. Foreshadowing his use of costumes as group identifier even in high school, young Peter often wore a Mao cap to school.

Disgraced as a lawyer, accused by siblings of cannibalizing his family’s fortune to play the same stock market he now condemns, Thottam failed to make a career at Goldmann Sachs, a Wall Street corporation he now plans to mock during the parade protest with a “Goldie Sachs Wheel of Fortune”. This hypocrite even used federal bankruptcy laws to walk away from financial responsibility for his real estate empire losses.

Ironically, the Make-Believe Media helpfully unveil Thottam’s kitschy plans to disrupt the Rose Parade as newsworthy but keep Thottam’s public record and career history out of the news. Hardly a pitiable, destitute college grad struggling with two jobs to make the interest payments on his exorbitant students loans, Occupy The Rose Parade’s founder is an elite leftist media darling.


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