Don Lemon Faces Backlash for Palin Concurrence

Don Lemon Faces Backlash for Palin Concurrence

CNN’s Don Lemon did a segment of his show Sunday night in which he suggested that, after three years in office, it was time for the Obama administration to stop looking back and blaming Bush for their problems. He even went so far as to credit this point to Sarah Palin.

As you might imagine, this did not sit well with CNN’s liberal viewers. A few of them castigated Lemon for daring to go off script. In this exchange, Lemon is attacked for telling CNN “what they want to hear.” Lemon responds “Just saying what democrats don’t want to but need to hear.” And in reply to this, someone else suggests CNN is turning into Fox.

Others attacked Lemon as a gay sellout. But not all the responses have been critical. Some obvious Palin fans thanked Don for being willing to “tell the truth!

It appears that the left-wing response to Lemon’s departure from orthodoxy may become as big a story as his willingness to do so in the first place. In addition to Twitchy, Mediaite, NewsBusters, and several other sites are now running stories about the backlash.


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