Buzzfeed Reporter Attacks Dinesh D'Souza

Buzzfeed Reporter Attacks Dinesh D'Souza

And now, presenting the most Obama-sycophantic slobbering fool of a reporter yet extant: Michael Hastings of Buzzfeed.

Hastings, whose simpering style would not remind anyone of John Wayne, has now attacked Dinesh D’Souza in his inimitably babyish way:

“He’s a hack, but he’s a bestselling hack so I’ll give him that …but , but, he lives in a fantasy world … if you look at his body of work this is a guy who blames Hollywood for September 11 … wrote a book saying why there is heaven … these sorts of things that he pushes  … he comes along and wants to sort of push this narrative that President Obama is sort of obsessed with this idea of being anti-colonial and that somehow has shaped his worldview which will somehow lead us to this socialist dictatorship in 2016. That’s the kind of level we’re dealing with but as you said, Obama’s not an angry guy, and his half-brother George comes across quite well. He seems pretty cool, he doesn’t seem very upset by the whole situation There is such hatred for President Obama a lot of it centers around his race, a lot of it background, we see it with the birther controversy … there’s essentially this alternative narrative that the right has built up around President Obama that will not change no matter how many facts or how many arguments you sort of put in front of it.

Of course, Hastings worships at the altar of Obama. Here’s an excerpt from him on the Piers Morgan Show:

The first time I met President Obama was in 2006 in Baghdad when he was junior senator, and at the time I was actually quite impressed by him.


He took us journalists aside, asked us “what what’s really going on here?”

A profoundly deep question.

Sort of flattered us.


It was quite a moment and you could tell this guy was one of the most talented politicians around. Clearly he vindicated that … certainly his foreign policy successes are numerous …

Sure. No wonder Hastings attacks D’Souza. It’s just another partisan hack job on behalf of Obama.


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