Paul Ryan Can Handle the Media

Paul Ryan Can Handle the Media

The biggest criticism of the Romney campaign has been its lackluster way of dealing with the media. No one understood the battle with the media better than the late Andrew Breitbart, who foresaw that our candidates would be running against headlines rather than Obama. The addition of Paul Ryan to the ticket has given us a sigh of relief, because if there’s one thing we know about Paul Ryan: the man can handle the media. 


Congressman Ryan rejects media narratives, he doesn’t give a false narrative the courtesy of pretending it’s true in order to answer a question. He demonstrated this with his rejection of the phrase “Bush tax cuts” and he explained, in short order, exactly what they were discussing. 


“I can show you all kinds of cuts …” Ryan dismantles Matthews’ fuzzy math. 


Congressman Ryan instructs a biased reporter on the difference between public and private plans. 

“You’re using capitalist rhetoric to try and move a plan that is inherently anti-market.”

You can see more videos which illustrate Ryan’s adeptness at handling the media at

The press is supposed to be objective, but as you can see in these videos, they’re happy to repeat a party line from the DNC as the basis for fact in debate. Ryan out-debates them easily and understands that we live in a sound bite culture. Long, cumbersome answers don’t bode well for five-minute segments. Ryan delivers a Chris Christie-esque blow with a smile on his face as reporters work to figure out if they’ve just been insulted.

The media has already called Mitt Romney a felon, a murderer; they made themselves the story and acted like “ugly Americans” in Poland; they have no intention of fairly covering the presidential election. The ability to handle the biased press is a requirement. Refuse their narrative, answer the question that truly needs asking – this is what Romney/Ryan needs to demonstrate in the coming weeks. They made a step in the right direction this morning. 


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