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**Live Blog Tonight 6PM** Watchdogging Media Convention Bias

**Live Blog Tonight 6PM** Watchdogging Media Convention Bias

Tony Lee, Warner Todd Huston, and extra special guest star, Mike Flynn, and I will be live-blogging tonight’s biased media coverage courtesy of our hopeless, shameless corrupt media. Broadcast television cable television, the Web and social media are all on our radio and should also be on yours.

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11:15 — Chuck Todd Says Michelle Obama Owned Like No One Owned at RNC

NBC’s Chuck Todd and his corrupt goatee are both beaming over Michelle Obama’s speech and how awesome the overall convention was. He said, “Michelle Obama owned the audience at the DNC like no one owned any audience at the RNC.”

This is the same Chuck Todd who race-baited the RNC by accusing the GOP of using minorities as camera-bait.

Chuck Todd was so excited, so elated with Michelle, his voice was trembling; his entire body was tingling. If he and Tweety McTingles touched hands there might have been a rip in the time/space continuum.

11:12 — CNN’s David Gergen Pretty Sure Obama Won the Election Tonight

David Gergen thinks one more night like this and Obama could break the race wide open; said he has never seen a speech that good from a First Lady.

Gloria Borger struggles to explain why the First Lady’s speech was awesome, fails.

No one fact-checks.

No one talks about the disconnect from the party atmosphere in the convention hall and the state of the country.

No one talks about the lack of specifics coming from the speakers.

10:48 — You Gunna Believe Chuck Todd Or Your Lying Eyes? — Tony Lee

Chuck Todd says Republicans were just enthusiastic only when the cameras came on while Democrats have been enthusiastic throughout the whole day. Well, since the MSM hardly put any significant Republicans on camera, especially prominent Republicans on the undercard, maybe Todd was watching his network’s coverage — or lack thereof — of significant Republican speakers and his view has been a bit distorted, to say the least.

10:30 — CBS News Refuses to Challenge Rahm Emanuel in Interview – Warner Todd Huston

ABC News PM spoke to Rahm Emanuel about this election and aired the short interview just before Michelle Obama spoke. Rahm told Bob Scheiffer that “Elections have consequences,” and noted that Barack won in 2008 and should be allowed to have his way. One wonders if Rahm remembered that the GOP won in 2010 the biggest sweep for decades. Did he think they deserved their way because “elections have consequences? Naturally the ABC team did not ask this question of the Chicago mayor.

10:30 — CBS’s Bob Schieffer In Love With Julian Castro – Warner Todd Huston

Bob Schieffer beams about Julian Castro’s speech saying, “Castro is a young, bright, new fashioned politician. This young man, you’re gonna hear more from him,” Scheiffer said. He noted that Barack OBama was also a young, unknown politician at a past Democrat convention. Obviously the Old Media is grooming Castro to become the next Obama.

10:22 — Brian Williams Suddenly Loses Interest In Abortion – Tony Lee

Last week, Brian Williams was fixated on rape as he opened up the Republican National Convention coverage. He wanted to frame Republicans as being extreme on abortion. The DNC has just adopted a platform that supports extreme, late-term abortions. Yet, no mention or questions about this at all as he opens up NBC’s DNC coverage. No questions about whether the DNC’s views on abortion are out of line with mainstream America.

10:02 — CNN Doesn’t Fact Check Deval Patrick, Broadcasts Next Romney-Trasher Instead

Last week, CNN not only talked over almost every Republican governor who spoke at the RNC convention, but after every speech the CNN crew would fact-check the speaker to death and explain to the audience why almost every criticism of Obama wasn’t true or was exaggerated.

Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick just blasted Romney for ten minutes and CNN not only aired the entire speech, but afterwards the CNN panel gushed over how aesome it was before cutting right back to the next speech trashing Romney.

The difference in CNN’s coverage between these two conventions is startling.

9:42 — Seems Like CNN Talked A Lot More Over RNC Convention Than DNC

I didn’t time it, but it sure seems to me as though CNN is showing a helluva lot more of the convention speakers than they ever allowed at the RNC convention. Last week, the only voice I remember is the drone of Talking Point-Wolf’s Magic Stupid Beard over anything and everything. Tonight, it feels like I’m watching a convention.

Also, this week CNN is airing commercials within a graphic box promoting the convention and the upcoming speeches. I don’t remember them doing this last week either.

9:17 — Same CNN Obsessed With Republican Platform Pretty Much Ignores Dems Diss Of God, Israel

All during last week’s RNC convention, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and others, went on and on and on and on and on and on about how the RNC platform on abortion was “extreme” and “out of touch.” Every pol, every guest was badgered about it and every opportunity was used to bring it up.


Today, the Dem platform threw Israel under the bus and God out completely, but Obama’s Palace Guards at CNN have maybe mentioned it three times and twice as an aside.


Oh, and nothing about the platform demanding the government fund abortion or Obama’s support for partial-birth abortion.

8:48 — CNN Declarers Dems More Enthusiastic – Alex Marlow

After Iraq War veteran and Illinois Congressional candidate Tammy Duckworth delivered her speech to the DNC, CNN’s David Gergen declared the DNC audience more enthusiastic than the RNC crowd. Anderson Cooper and the rest of the panel accepted the suggestion as fact. But the truth of the matter is It doesn’t matter if the Democrats are more or less enthusiastic (though the fact that they may have to move Barack Obama to a smaller arena than originally planned certainly suggests the latter). If the media decides to report to the viewers at home that the Dems are more enthusiastic, even if they can barely fill the hall, then it will have the same effect on people at home.

And since we know it is the media’s hope that the Democratic Party will rally, why would we expect them to report anything different?

9:07 — CNN Airs Swing State Governor Speech, Something They Refused To Do At RNC

It is just a fact that CNN refued to broadcast a single speech from a Republican swing state governor during the RNC convention. Not only is CNN running Ted Strickland’s speech now, Wolf Blitzer talked about how “exciting” it was.

9:02 — CNN’s John King Calls RNC ‘Older, Whiter Crowd’ — Tipster

While the camera panned over the arena with obvious empty seats, John King commented that the crowd at the Republican convention was “an older, whiter crowd” and that there were more people in Charlotte than there had been in Tampa. A diverse group!!!

9:01 — NBC Suspends ‘Whites Only’ Speech Policy for Obama

You knew they would.

8:50 — CNN Uses Tammy Duckworth Speech To Beat Romney Up Over Veterans

After Ms. Duckworth’s speech, John King asked, “Was it a mistake for Mitt Romney not to talk about Afghanistan in his speech?”

This is the complete opposite tack CNN took during the RNC convention last week when the entire CNN team blocked, downplayed, defended, and dismissed every criticism made of Obama. 

Tonight these shameless shills are hitting Romney even when Obama’s convention isn’t hitting Romney.  

After killing themselves to protect Obama last week, tonight CNN is putting their own mini convention on to hammer Romney.

Wait until these DNC speakers start attacking Romney directly. I expect John King and Wolf Blitzer to start stabbing Romney voodoo doll with stick pins.

8:39 — CNN Treats Sandra Fluke Like Gandhi, Not a Divisive Activist

Actual question from CNN Obama-shill to She Who Thinks We Should Pay For Her Lifestyle:

“Do you think Mitt Romney should’ve stood up to Rush Limbaugh?”

Fluke was never once challenged by this female CNN reporter, instead she was treated like the Sacred Saint of The Non-Immaculate Conception.

This CNN shill didn’t even ask Fluke if she agreed with Obama’s decision to force Catholics to violate their conscience with respect to providing birth control.

8:32 — Crack CNN Reporter Corners Obama With Hardball Question About… Raising His Daughters

You get only so many opportunities to interview a sitting president during your career, and this female reporter (didn’t catch her name) had this opportunity but didn’t ask Obama about Fast and Furious, gas prices, the GDP, or the increase in American casualties in Afghanistan — not a singe important issue in this election.

Instead, it was all about giving Obama yet another chance work the only thing going for him: likability.

8:24 — Politico Livestream *understands* Why Obama Won’t Release Policy Specifics They Pound Romney For – Tony Lee

Lois Romano of POLITICO concedes if Obama reveals too many details about his second-term agenda, Republicans would use the specifics against him. This is why the mainstream media incessantly asks Romney to be more specific about a range of policy issues. They know what they are doing.

8:19 — Wolf Blitzer Goes FanBoy, Refers To Ted Kennedy as ‘Amazing,’ ‘Great, Great, Great’

Blitzer interviewed Ted Kennedy’s widow and acted like Wayne and Garth meeting Aerosmith for the first time, “I’m not worthy!”

Blitzer really made a groupie spectacle of himself.

8:18 — CBS Evening News Lies By Omission: ‘Detroit Is Roaring’ — Tony Lee

CBS Evening News profiled the auto industry and said “Detroit is roaring.” CBS said a “small bump in the construction industry” drove car sales even though new numbers released today revealed the construction industry contracted across all sectors. CBS did not mention how much GM’s stock, which the taxpayer owns, has plummeted and how it may be nearly impossible for taxpayers to recover monies they never wanted spent to bailout GM. The report did not mention how much money GM has wasted investing in things like a Manchester United sponsorship and the turmoil in its leadership. The report did not mention the market share GM has lost. The report did not report how much money taxpayers who bailed out GM has lost after the stock has plummeted since its IPO

The Obama campaign needs GM to succeed. Obama, who has never run anything in the private sector, wants to use GM’s “success” — as false a narrative as that is — to say he can run the economy better than Romney and the mainstream media is more than willing to help Obama make this argument.

8:15 — CBS Goes Full War on Women in Swing State of Virginia – Tony Lee

CBS profiles a single woman from Virginia who says Republicans are waging a war against women in Virginia. CBS profiles Virginia’s ultrasound law that probably took Gov. Bob McDonnell off of Mitt Romney’s short list. The Obama campaign could not have cut this segment any better. The women profiled is out of central casting of voters Obama needs to target in a state (Virginia) that may be the key to Obama’s winning reelection.
CBS then profiles another woman in Virginia who doesn’t think there is a “war on women” and who is more concerned about the economy.
But the Obama voter, who explicitly says she is voting for Obama due to social issues, gets the last word and says Obamacare and social issues also are economic issues. She essentially refutes the woman profiled before her.
For Obama to win, he needs to maximize his support among single women, and CBS is more than willing to help him.

8:03 — CNN Gushes Over Kennedy’s Fight For Women’s Rights, No Mention Of Mary Jo Kopechne (1940 – 1969)

The full CNN panel, so-called Republicans included, are all gushing over Ted Kennedy as though he was some kind of saint and never allowed a woman to drown, was never accused of attacking a waitress, and never engaged in the dark art of attempting to personally destroy men like Clarence Thomas.

For the last 10 minutes, John King, Wolf Blitzer, Borger, Candy Crowley and company not only wrote a hagiography about precious “Teddy,” they also couldn’t stop talking about how “bad” Kennedy made Romney look both during their election together and tonight.

The stuff about Kennedy standing up for women’s rights was especially hilarious.

Not only has the CNN staff completely abdicated its responsibility as journalists, but the Republicans on the panel have completely abdicated their responsibility as Republicans.

8:01 — Same NBC News That ‘Browned Out’ Republican Hispanics Eager to Hype Julian Castro — Tony Lee

NBC says Democrats hope those like Julian Castro and their personal stories will appeal to Hispanics. Now we know why the MSM “browned-out” the country’s first Latina Governor (New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez) who had a compelling life story about having been a Democrat. They did not want Martinez to appeal to the nation let alone Latinos. NBC knows how powerful Latino/Latina role models can impact Latinos. Democrats, it is worth noting, preach diversity but do not have prominent politicians of Mexican descent on the national stage (Republicans have two governors) so they have to resort to a San Antonio Mayor to deliver their keynote.

7:59 — Unlike Last Week, Media Having a Great Time Tonight — Tony Lee

Last week, the mainstream media reporters seemed like they were doing jobs or chores. This week, they seem like they are engaging in avocations, like they would do this nearly for free. They seem ebullient and excited. They seem to have an extra bounce in their steps. I feel like I would feel similarly if I covered Alabama football, but I’d be far more neutral covering Alabama football than the mainstream media is covering Democrats.


Spinner was an Obama mega-donor and was rewarded with a post in the Energy Department, where he pushed for the Obama administration to back Solyndra. Brian Ross tries to interview Spinner and another crony capitalist Obama donor at the DNC, and they run away from him like cowards and call security. It’s shocking to even see the Solyndra logo on a mainstream news channel. There may not be a more perfect symbol for Obama’s crony capitalism, failed promises, and rhetoric not matching his actions than Solyndra. The fact that it is so shocking to see Solyndra on a mainstream news channel speaks volumes about the mainstream media’s bias.

7:46 — Gloria Borger Gushes Over Ted Kennedy, No Mention Of Him Being Responsible for Death of Woman

Borger just gushed and gushed over the “Lion of the Senate” and “The Patron Saint of the Democratic Party,” but not a single word about Ted Kennedy being responsibe for drowning a woman and getting away clean, you know, because unlike Mitt Romney, Kennedy was born superwealthy. 

7:40 — CBS Evening News Hypes Obama Convention, Doesn’t Report Deficit Hits $16 Trillion – Tony Lee

Highlights Gallup Poll numbers before and after the convention to say Romney did not receive a bounce after the convention and builds up Obama’s appearance, making it seem like Romney is losing momentum this week. No Mention of the national debt surpassing $16 trillion.

7:20 — PBS and David Brooks Let Jesse Jackson Smear Republicans as Racist – Warner Todd Huston

PBS Newshour 7:20 PM: After the Dem. women appeared on stage, Judy Woodruff said that the “sheer number” of Democrat women “really says something” about the Democrat Party. Then, Jesse Jackson, who joined the panel for a segment, dissed the Olympic athletes that appeared on stage at last week’s GOP convention. He noted that Democrat congresswomen were better and more important than female athletes and then said that the only reason there were any female athletes at all was because of the Democrat-sponsored Title IX law, a law that forces universities to give women an upper hand in sports programs.
David Brooks then asked Jackson if racism played a part in the reaction to Obama. Naturally Jackson said it was. The GOP saying, “we deserve better,” Jackson said, was no better than saying Obama is the welfare president. He then noted that “Jefferson Davis Democrats became Ronald Reagan Republicans” smearing Reagan as a racist.

7:24 — Romney Edges Obama in Poll, So Reuters Leads With Likability — Ezra Dulis

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Romney edging ahead of Obama, but Reuters author Steve Holland dares not make that his headline. Rather, the lead is “Obama gets high marks on personal attributes.”

The two candidates were tied 45-45 Sunday according to Reuters/Ipsos, and now Romney leads at 46-45 among likely voters. It’s within the margin of error, but given the heavy Democratic weighting the polls have been under this election season, it’s a big deal that Romney may be pulling ahead. Holland writes, “Romney got only a short-lived, small bounce in the polls from the Republican National Convention in Tampa last week,” even though his numbers are still growing.


The poll showed 50% of respondents found Obama more likable than Romney, compared to 30% vice-versa. However, that’s not a complete picture. A new CNN/ORC poll shows that, of respondents rating likability on its own — not comparatively — 53% had a favorable view of Romney, whereas 51% had a favorable view of Obama.

7:15 — Wolf Blitzer Calls Bank of America Stadium Bank of America Stadium

Gee, hope he didn’t pull something doing the right thing. Heaven knows, that muscle doesn’t get much of a workout.

6:50 — CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Dismisses Dem Platform That Throws Israel and God Under the Bus

Last week, The Dumbest Democrat Talking Point Machine On Television, Wolf Blitzer, absolutely blistered Republicans over their party platform on abortion, which no one cared about in 2008, even though the language was exactly the same. At every opportunity, the bearded left-wing parrot, would bring this “extreme” position up and talk about how it spelled trouble for Romney, especially with women.

Just now, though, even though the new DNC platform throws both Israel and God under the bus, Blitzer reassured viewers the Democrats were talking about changing the language back, that “many” Democrats were upset over it, and that it was merely a “unforced error.”

FACT: A shill with a beard and a room temperature IQ is still a shill.

6:46 — CNN’s John King Calls Latino Problem a ‘Crisis’ For Republicans

The CNN panel, which includes John King, Gloria Borger, and David Gergen are all gushing over Julian Castro. King let his exitement prematurely ejaculate, though, when he talked about how Castro might turn Texas (no, really) into a swing state. Then King talked about the “Latino crisis” Republicans face. I might have missed it, but whenever the corrupt media talks about how the Democrats have lost white males, it’s never the “Caucasian crisis,” but something more along the lines of ThoseRacistBitterClingingRedStateRubes HadBetterStopWithTheHATING.


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