Facts, History Undermine Media Con That Obama Win Is Inevitable

Facts, History Undermine Media Con That Obama Win Is Inevitable

Over the past ten days, what hasn’t surprised me is how the corrupt media created its own pro-Obama reality coming out of the conventions. What does surprise me is how this coordinated psy-ops push is working to panic a lot of conservatives.

Saturday afternoon I signed off for the rest of the weekend feeling pretty good about where things were. Obama’s convention speech was a dud, the latest jobs report was a catastrophe, and Romney had sharpened his message considerably.

Then I wake Monday morning to find conservatives who should know better screaming that the sky is falling.

Don’t fall for it.

Let’s start with what the media did to create their own reality around the conventions.

There’s no doubt whatsoever that the Democratic convention was far less successful than the Republican convention.  Obama’s speech was a dud and the floor fight over God and Jerusalem was the biggest convention debacle of my lifetime. Immediately following these two events, you then had the release of a disastrous jobs report.

But what did the media do? Well, they did what they always do: create an alternate reality. While Obama’s dud speech, the convention floor fight, and the jobs report received some news coverage — no lasting narrative was created that could define or damage Obama. All three stories were quickly killed by a coordinated push (started by Politico) to manufacture a narrative that said Obama’s post-convention bounce is a genuine lead and even “high-placed” campaign officials (who won’t go on the record) believe Romney is losing.

On the flip-side, Romney had a smooth convention, did what he needed to do, and gave a very good convention speech. But what the media did was to grab Clint Eastwood’s speech as a distraction tool. This isn’t Eastwood’s or anyone’s fault; if the media wouldn’t have used Clint, they would’ve used something else. Regardless, the media’s plan was to find something — anything! — to distract from Romney’s message and drive into the ground that the RNC convention was a flop.

In summation: Obama’s bad speech, the Democratic convention floor booing God, and the terrible jobs numbers were given about three hours worth of coverage until the launch of the Inevitability Narrative was coordinated, a narrative that lives on today. Whereas the manufactured Clint Proves Romney’s An Incompetent Boob Narrative still lives on 10 days later.

In other words, using all of its resources to push what I’ve described above, the corrupt media turned a standard post-convention bounce into a OBAMA’S VICTORY IS INEVITABLE!!! narrative.

And some conservatives who should know better are falling for it.

A convention bounce is just that — a convention bounce.

Romney had one too, you know, and the media didn’t scream then about how the election was over. In fact, as Romney’s poll numbers climbed after the convention, Nate Silver was decreasing his chances of winning at his lofty New York Times’ perch.

Don’t you see? It’s all a ploy, a con, a hustle — it’s all  about turning a fabricated reality into a real reality by bumming out conservatives — by killing our fight, our willingness to volunteer and turn out.

What’ it’s mainly about, though, is making damn sure Obama’s speech, the booing of God, and a tragic jobs report aren’t given any oxygen to take hold in the media narrative. Maybe the good news is that Obama and the media are so out of distractions-ideas they were forced to launch the “inevitability” bomb about a month early.

And look at the thin gruel the media’s using to manufacture this inevitability narrative:

THE BULLSH*T:  More of Politico’s magical unnamed sources appear from within the Romney camp claiming Ohio is lost.

THE FACTS: A poll released just last week had Romney up three in Ohio and the RCP poll of polls only has Obama up by 2.2 points. PPP — left-leaning pollster affiliated with Obama toadies SEIU — just released a poll showing Obama ahead 50/45 in Ohio. So you know it’s pretty much tied.

THE BULLSH*T: Obama’s convention was a rousing success.

THE FACTS: Obama’s speech flopped and his delegates booed God and Israel.

THE BULLSH*T: The campaign is over. Romney can’t win.

THE FACTS: There are 57 long days to go, four major debates, and the economy is collapsing.

THE BULLSH*T: Obama is winning.

THE FACTS: Romney was also winning after his convention. This is what happens after conventions.

THE BULLSH*T: Conservatives are worried.

THE FACTS: Only those who don’t know the facts.

THE BULLSH*T: Obama can’t lose.

THE FACTS: Even after a three-day media lovefest, Obama’s not polling over 50 in any national polls and most swing state polls. Conditions will never be this sweet for him again… And. He. Can’t. Get. Over. 50.

The media lies. That’s what they do. It’s not about truth; it’s about winning Obama a second term. And in order to rescue him from the disastrous trifecta of a lame speech, booing God and an awful jobs report, the lying media launched this inevitability nonsense.

Don’t fall for this. Fight it.

Donate MORE money to Romney-Ryan.

Volunteer to make phone calls.

Expose the media on social media…

The media’s getting desperate and stupid. And right now we should be having fun fighting and exposing them, not wringing our hands.

We have 57 days to defeat the most failed president in our lifetimes and to humiliate the media in the process.



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