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Kirsten Powers: What Did Obama Know and When Did He Know It?

Kirsten Powers: What Did Obama Know and When Did He Know It?

Kirsten Powers wants to know “What did they know, and when did they know it?” about Obama’s massive foreign policy failures in the Middle East as our embassies went up in flames last week.  She went on to say that Obama and his State Department underlings are simply lying to us… and the Old Media is letting him slide on this outrage.

Powers does a great job raking Obama over the coals in her Sept. 28 Newsweek/Daily Beast article titled,”Write About Terrorism? Nah, Let’s All Bash Mitt Romney Instead!.”

Powers can’t see any other explanation about the Obama administration performance after the attacks. They just lied, she says.

Nothing about the constantly evolving tale the Obama administration has been weaving about the attacks in the Middle East makes sense, unless it is seen as a deliberate attempt to mislead Americans into believing al Qaeda has been decimated, as President Obama has been know to assert. After dancing on Osama bin Laden’s grave for a week in Charlotte, the administration was faced with the reality that the war on terror is still quite on.

She also affirms what many of us have said all along. The various attacks and protests throughout the Middle East were not about any “goofy video posted on Youtube.”

“Never mind that a fourth grader could see that the Libya attack was anything but a spontaneous riot over an Internet video the administration, following the lead of the Islamists, has elevated to the genre of ‘movie.’ Protesters generally don’t carry RPGs or use mortars, for starters,” Powers writes sarcastically.

She also noted that the Old Media is not as “curious” about Obama’s claims as they should be. While she was a little too light on the media, Powers did conclude her piece saying that the Old Media’s lack of curiosity is dangerous for the country.

They say curiosity killed the cat. In this case, lack of curiosity on the part of the American media very well may kill more Americans.

A deserved swipe, indeed.

Last week, in a preview of her Newsweek/Daily Beast comments, Powers also said on Fox News’ Special Report that the media is partially at fault for its lack of desire to get to the truth about these attacks that killed our ambassador and his protection team of former Navy Seals.

Finally, and also on Special Report, Brett Baier did a bangup job tracing the timeline of the administration’s “evolving narrative” on the Benghazi attacks. He ended his report noting that the FBI has still not set foot in Benghazi to investigate this act of terror.


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