Politico Admits GOP Doing Well In FL, NV, OH, IA, NC & CO Early Voting

Politico Admits GOP Doing Well In FL, NV, OH, IA, NC & CO Early Voting

While Politico and the rest of the CorruptMedia have been happy to spread Team Obama’s propaganda about how they’re stomping Mitt Romney in early voting, Breitbart News was reporting actual early vote counts. What we discovered, naturally, is that the Obama campaign and their media minions are lying. In almost every state that matters, the GOP is making gains over 2008 while the Obama campaign is losing ground.

Finally, someone at the corrupt Politico decided to look past Their Precious One’s talking points and came up with the same results we did:

But by one important yardstick – early voting – the GOP is showing notable improvement in key battleground states.

According to data compiled by the United States Election Project and POLITICO, in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada and North Carolina, Republicans are running several points ahead of their 2008 pace, while Democrats are running several points behind, in percentage of early votes cast.

Those five are the only swing states that have party registration or offer the statistical breakdowns that enable the comparison.

Wow. Hope nobody pulled anything using reportorial muscles that don’t spin the facts in favor of Obama. Maybe after you heal, Politico, you can try using those same muscles to type the word L-I-B-Y-A.


In Colorado, Republicans are flat-out ahead of Democrats, 35-32%.

In Iowa, Republicans are only down 11 points. In 2008, the margin was 18.

In Nevada, in the two counties that matter most, Republicans have also made substantive gains. In 2008, Democrats beat us by 21 points in Clark County. Today, they are only ahead 15. In Washoe County we closed a 12 point gap to a single point.

The good folks at AEI have also done the work the media won’t and compiled some early vote data out Ohio and found what they call “very” good news for Romney:

I hypothesized that if the Romney campaign’s effort is working, the share of the total 2008 early vote that has already been cast should be higher in strong Romney counties than in strong Obama counties. That’s because if the Romney effort works, total turnout in those counties should be up in 2012, the bulk of that coming from the low-voting-propensity supporters who the campaign is asking to cast early ballots.

Through last Friday, that hypothesis is clearly correct[.]

AEI updated the piece yesterday with the latest early vote numbers and found the hypothesis holds. It also matches up with some real reporting done by National Review’s Jim Geraghty, who found that, thus far, early vote turnout in the Obama strongholds of Cleveland and Cincinnati is down 15% over 2008.

The most important finding, though, is that the actual hard count numbers do not in any way comport with what a number of swing state polls are showing, some of which have Obama massacring Romney by double digits with early voters. One Ohio poll had Obama up 30 points! Naturally, these findings affect the top-line poll numbers showing Obama further ahead than he might really be.  


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