Rep. Tim Huelskamp: Poster Child for Everything Wrong with the GOP

Rep. Tim Huelskamp: Poster Child for Everything Wrong with the GOP

Fact: This is a right-of-center country.

Fact: Conservative economic ideas poll better than liberal economic ideas.

Fact: History and data prove that conservative ideas work, and liberal ones don’t.

Fact: The left-wing mainstream media always has been and always will be chock full of emotionally-driven demagogues, like Joe Scarbororough, Donny Deutsch, etc…

Fact: If your propaganda, optics, and messaging are working, you can pretty much get the public to go along with anything–if for no other reason than the public respects the competence required to launch a good propaganda campaign.

Fact: Until Kansas’ Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp or any Republican is made aware of and fully prepares for the facts listed above, every effort should be made to ensure that they are never-ever-ever-ever allowed anywhere near a microphone or television camera again.

Fact: What you will see in the video below is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. Even with history, facts, logic, and the public on our side, we are getting our butts kicked on almost every front out here, because of irresponsible and unprepared GOPers like Huelskamp, who not only make complete fools of themselves in MediaWorld, but in the process make our ideas, worldview, and vision for the future look breathtakingly stupid and out-of-touch.

Watch the video. But whatever you do, do not get angry with Scarborough and the rest. They’re just being who they are; they’re just doing what they do and what they’ve been doing for years.

No, the person to get furious with is Huelskamp, whose obvious unwillingness to be prepared for a little something I call WHAT WE ALL KNEW WAS COMING has just created yet another viral media moment that further damages the conservative brand in too many ways to list.

Watch it all, if not for me, for America:

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Again and again and again, every day of the week, I see this happen: unprepared, intellectually lazy Republicans getting their heads handed to them by a left-wing media determined to make us look foolish. And again and again and again, we step right in it.  

Here’s another… Fact: When Fox News came of age, Democrats went to Media School to learn how to combat something they had never dealt with previously–a hostile media. And it worked. Democrats have become exceptionally good at holding their own on Fox News, and by doing so, they no longer create viral media moments that go everywhere and damage their cause.

But, hey, look at us!

Dear Kansas: If your Congressman can’t handle a couple of demagogues like Scarborough and Deutsch, he’s doing you and America more damage than good.

For all our sakes, please ask him to do better.


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