Desperate For Racial Narrative, CNN Labels Zimmerman 'White Hispanic'

Desperate For Racial Narrative, CNN Labels Zimmerman 'White Hispanic'

Maybe the powers that be at CNN are concerned that race-baiting MSNBC is getting all the lefty political cred by injecting a hostile racial narrative into every report on the Zimmerman murder trial in Sanford, FL. CNN doesn’t have the “benefit” of having Al Sharpton rousing racial animosity with his microphone/megaphone on a nightly basis, so they have to do something to get their piece of the race-baiting pie.  

This may explain their insistance on describing defendant George Zimmerman as “white hispanic” in their article about concerns over unrest if Zimmerman is acquitted

Anticipating that the outcome of the very public, and racially-tinged, case is likely to disappoint one swath of the population or another, law enforcement agencies have set up a response plan.

In it, a black teenage boy and a Hispanic girl urge viewers to “stand together as one. No cuffs, no guns.” 

Zimmerman is a white Hispanic who is on trial for last year’s shooting death of Trayvon Martin, a black teen, in Sanford city. Sanford is in Seminole County.

CNN has seen a ratings spike with their coverage of the murder trial and so has their sister network, Headline News. If racial tensions continue to be a focus of the public’s concern over the case, this translates into more viewers for the networks, even if Zimmerman is acquitted. By labeling Zimmerman a “white Hispanic,” they serve their obvious political bias, but also they cynically serve their financial interests by keeping the race angle as part of the story’s subtext. 

Interestingly, CNN never referred to their former host, Rick Sanchez, as a “white Hispanic.” Wonder why. 


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