MSNBC's Harris-Perry 'Born Into Large White Mormon Family'

MSNBC's Harris-Perry 'Born Into Large White Mormon Family'

Monday, via Twitter, Melissa Harris-Perry apologized to the Romney family for a segment on her Sunday MSNBC show that mocked Kieran Romney, Mitt Romney’s adopted black grandson. The baby was mocked by Harris-Perry’s panelists as a token who “doesn’t belong there,” while the MSNBC anchor chuckled along. As part of her apology, Harris-Perry said that she was a “black child born into [a] large white Mormon family.”

If this is true, and we have no reason to doubt her, it makes Harris-Perry’s decision to choose as comedy fodder a photo of Romney with his grandchildren, all the more perplexing.

The entire MSNBC segment was paneled by left-wing comedians who had apparently been invited to snark on things Harris-Perry found snark-worthy, including the Romney family photo.

This incident closed out a humiliating year for the left-wing MSNBC. The network’s ratings have fallen and two of its anchors — Martin Bashir and Alec Baldwin — were let go due to unprofessional and crude behavior. And just last month, Harris-Perry was widely ridiculed over a claim that the word “ObamaCare” was like the word “n*gger” and created by “right white men.”

Other than sounding hysterical and paranoid, Harris-Perry was wrong on the facts.


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