CNN's Banfield: Christie Scandal Could Mean 'Felony Murder' Charges

CNN's Banfield: Christie Scandal Could Mean 'Felony Murder' Charges

A few minutes before New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s highly-anticipated Thursday morning press conference, CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield suggested that the closing of the George Washington Bridge for political purposes could result in felony murder charges against those behind the closing:

And then there can also be the very serious possibility that a death resulted from the actions from someone, right? So if that’s the case an extraordinarily serious end of this could be [a chrge of] felony murder because it’s a felony to do this kind of thing — if it can be proven to shut down those lanes for no good reason — and then if a death results, that’s a murder.

Banfield was addressing the report that a 91-year-old woman’s ambulance ride was delayed due to the lane closures. The report also says the woman did not die as a result of the delay.

Banfield is only the most extreme example of how giddy CNN and the rest of the media are over this scandal. This kind of hysterical overreach is now the norm when the media is hunting someone down to benefit their left-wing agenda. CNN’s behavior during the George Zimmerman trial and the gun control debate was widely criticized and ridiculed.

This is not to say the Christie scandal is not real and valid. But the difference in how CNN and the rest of the media react to scandals involving a Republican star and the likes of a Barack Obama can be summed up in the words “felony murder.”


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