**LIVE UPDATES** Watchdogging Media Coverage of 2014's State of the Union

**LIVE UPDATES** Watchdogging Media Coverage of 2014's State of the Union

In real-time tonight Breitbart News will cover the media’s attempt to hoodwink the American people into believing Obama is the victim and not those of us suffering under his failed policies.

Obama is in the latter years of his presidency and the ObamaMedia are not only running out of excuses for him, they appear to be getting tired of having to continue coming up with new ones. “Someday he’ll be a success,” the media keep telling us. Even they don’t believe it anymore.

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10:50 – Politico: SOTU Tells Us the Media Lost the Gun Control Debate


The mainstream media was part of the heavy push for gun control. From CNN’s Piers Morgan and Don Lemon to NBC’s Bob Costas to almost the entirety of MSNBC and the editorial pages of The New York Times and The Washington Post. In the wake of Newtown, the sense of urgency surrounding gun control legislation was so fierce that, at times, it began to color the media’s news coverage in general. In that regard, the near-omission of gun control from Obama’s speech was a loss for the mainstream media.

10:20 – CNN’s Candy Crowley: SOTU One Big Rerun

Crowley: All the same issues that will get the same GOP response. “Not a year when things are going to happen.”

 9:21 – Good Catch By NBC’s Domenico Montanaro

 Our president can never stop being petty. 

9:08 – NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Has Another ‘Episode’ Over Bush and Iran

On NBC News, Andrea Mitchell said, “One quick historic note: It was the State of the Union back in 2002 when George W. Bush said those three little words — Axis of Evil — including Iran, which was then allied with us against Afghanistan against the Taliban, and that blew up any hope of diplomacy of Iran until now.”

I’m trying to imagine MSNBC attacking Sarah Palin for weeks were she to make the same claim Mitchell just did: That Iran was once our ally in the War on Terror.


9:05 – CBS’s Bob Schieffer Quotes NY Times Approvingly: “Rarely Has the Economy Been Better”

Schieffer seemed to agree with the Times.

Good god.


9:01 – CBS’s Bob Schieffer: Obama Has Used His Executive Power Sparingly

Apparently no one leaned over to Grandpa Bobby to whisper “…rewriting ObamaCare.”


8:53 – Karen Hughes Now Outnumbered On CNN  by 4-to-1

Almost every time Karen Hughes opens her mouth, Anderson Cooper, John King, Gloria Borger, and Jon Favreau shout her down.

Sources tell me that after the speech, CNN will add a left-wing killer whale to the panel.


8:48 – NBC Airing ‘The Biggest Loser’

[insert joke here]


8:39 – We Can All Exhale: Ronan Farrow Will Live-Tweet MSNBC’s SOTU Coverage

Leftist MSNBC employee Ronan Farrow will live-blog leftist MSNBC’s leftist SOTU coverage anchored by leftist’s Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, Al Sharpton and some leftist named Ed.

One topic sure to come up is how bubbled Republicans are. 


8:34 – Chris Hayes and Robert Reich are on MSNBC Agreeing with One Another

“shared prosperity, plutocrats, inequality, inequality, inequality, powerful interest, economic order,”

The language socialists use to say, “I am going to balm my guilt over poverty with someone else’s money” is actually pretty impressive.


8:25 – Breibart News Exclusive: Photo of PolitiFact Staffer Fact-Checking Obama’s Speech

8:19 – MSNBC’s Chris Hayes to Guest: ‘What do you think the president will say tonight?’

The guest is David Axelrod. 

The answer sounded like that teacher in the Peanuts’ cartoons.


8:12 – On MSNBC Two Leftists Are Agreeing With One Another

Scintillating TV.

The host is either Chris Hayes or Rachel Maddow. I can never tell them apart.


8:07 – Karen Hughes Outnumbered 2-to-1 on CNN

Former Bush adviser Karen Hughes is currently outnumbered on a CNN panel by Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau and CNN analyst Gloria Borger.

CNN presents Borger as an objective analyst but she is a flaming leftist and puddle deep.

P.S. It is really good to see Karen Hughes again. 


8:03 – CNN’s John King: ‘GOP will keep House; perhaps win Senate’

My, my, we have come a long way from gun control and the shutdown DOOMING the GOP.


8:02 – CNN: Obama Won’t Hammer GOP Over Immigration

Jim Acosta reports that after five years Obama has finally figure out that haranguing the political opposition in public makes them less likely to work with you.

Nothing like on-the-job training at the expense of the American people.


7:50 – Howard Fineman Shocks the Left

Twitter lit up when leftist Howard Fineman told Chris Matthews: “A president in his 6th year with a 43% approval rating isn’t taken seriously by anyone in this town.”


7:40 – Good Stuff: Grover Norquist vs. Paul Krugman on CNN

Anderson Cooper is allowing Grover Norquist and Paul Krugman to duke it out on CNN. So far it has been very interesting with Norquist bringing up facts you never hear on CNN and Krugman parroting what the MSM says all the time. 

7:30 – What CNN Left Out of Its Income Inequality Lecture

CNN just did a major presentation on income inequality without mentioning that one way to increase your income is to get married. This is the quickest way out of poverty — with a partner to help you go to school, etc.

Also keeping people in poverty are welfare programs you can survive on and unwed motherhood.

The CNN presentation was a joke.



The media have spent all day setting a dishonest State of the Union narrative: Obama is a victim of  “Washington”and “cynicism” and “gridlock” and a “system he really wanted to changebut couldn’t.” This of course is utter horse manure. Had Obama’seconomic, health care, or foreign policies been anything close tosuccessful, he would be in fine shape and right now have the wind at hisback. The media want America to believe to Obama is a victim of TheSystem and not his own abysmal record of failure, lies, and scandals.


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