Halperin: 'Democrat' President Is Why IRS Scandal Not Media 'Obsession'

Halperin: 'Democrat' President Is Why IRS Scandal Not Media 'Obsession'

On Monday’s edition of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Mark Halperin said out loud what every fair-minded person has known for over a year now, “I think with a different administration, one that was a Republican administration, this story would be a national obsession, and, instead, it’s getting coverage here and a few other places. But it deserves a lot more questions.”

Al Hunt, a Obama foot soldier disguised as an opinion columnist, thinks the IRS scandal is getting plenty of “aggressive” attention and argues, “The critical question remains whether there was political interference at the top by either Treasury or the White House and everything we’ve seen so far suggests not.”

Halperin replies with what should be obvious to anyone with anything even close to nose for the truth: “I just don’t think we can presume an assumption of innocence” based on what the White House says. 

But that’s not what the media are actually doing. The media aren’t presuming the IRS and the Obama Administration are innocent — the media are terrified they are guilty and doing everything in their power to protect them from the consequence of that guilt. 

The media claim to hate it when The Wealthy get involved in politics. The ink spilled to rage against the Koch brothers could fill every swimming pool in America. And the media always argue the same thing: that it’s unfair and unAmerican for The Wealthy to have so much more power than the common man.

But that’s all a lie. Because when one of the most feared and powerful institutions in America actually does oppress the voice of the common man, the media protect the IRS and wrist-flick the lies, cover-ups, and obvious corruption. 

Nixon abused his office and broke the law to go after and seek an advantage over his powerful adversaries in the Democrat Party. For doing so, he was rightly pecked to death by a media that never stopped digging, asking questions, and investigating. 

The IRS didn’t go after the powerful; the IRS went after everyday folks who merely wanted a voice in our political process. It doesn’t get any more American than that. That is our most sacred, God-given right as an American. But…

Because those everyday folks are right-of-center Middle Americans — people the media hate with every fiber of their being —  through one journalistic sin of omission after another, the media are actively and consciously siding with the IRS. 

This isn’t bias. Bias is merely the act of being unfair. This is widespread media corruption.

If Obama personally ordered a drone strike against the Koch brothers tonight, tomorrow morning’s Politico headline would read: “Republicans Slam Obama for Attack on Billionaire Kochs.”


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