5 Reasons Not to Trust the 'What Me Worry' Media About Ebola

5 Reasons Not to Trust the 'What Me Worry' Media About Ebola

The outbreak of Ebola in West Africa is serious and spreading. Almost 1000 people are dead. Two Ebola patients, American missionaries, have come home for treatment. A patient in New York who just returned from West Africa is currently being tested for the deadly disease.

The response by some in the American mainstream media can be summed up in two words: “Stop panicking.”

I’m not panicked over Ebola; nor am I alarmed or freaked out. I also believe it was the right decision to bring those two Americans suffering from this dreadful virus back to America. We’re Americans. That’s who we are.  

I am, though, concerned about Ebola. And for five perfectly rational reasons, I do not trust the What Me Worry Mainstream Media to tell us the full truth about a potential outbreak:

1. The Mainstream Media Love to Lord Their Superiority Over Us – Accusing the hoi polloi of panicking and then calling for calm is the first knee-jerk reaction of anyone who gets off on puffing themselves up as Our Betters. And that is our media personified.

I believe and worry that the need to preen their superiority over us could affect the media’s judgment. That’s why the bloodless, slide-rule, Big Government-worshipping Spocks at Business Insider are already accusing others of panic … even though no one is panicking.

2.  The Obama Administration Lies – In a situation where an Ebola outbreak could in some way hurt President Obama’s popularity numbers or agenda, do I believe the Obama Administration is morally corrupt to the point where they would put politics above the safety of the public? I’d tell you to ask our Libyan ambassador and three other foreign services workers that question, but they’re all dead.

Were Ebola to creep over the Southern border in the form of an illegal immigrant, that could hurt this Administration’s push to legalize 11 million Democrats. There is no doubt in my mind, the Administration would cover this up for as long as it could.

On top of the Obama Administration’s corruption, the White House has shown itself to be breathtakingly inept at all things. Should yet another fatal bungle occur by our federal government, you can bet it will be covered up. 

Our federal bureaucracy doesn’t give a damn about our veterans, what makes you think they’ll give a damn about you? 

3. The Media Lets The Obama Administration Lie – There is also no doubt in my mind that the same media that is actively engaged in covering up Benghazi and the IRS scandal would aid and abet the covering up of anything else the Obama Administration wanted covered up — even an outbreak of Ebola.  

The media is also committed to seeing 11 million illegals legalized into voting Democrats and has already gone to extreme lengths to cover up the parade horribles happening on the Southern border. Covering up an Ebola outbreak is just one more moral compromise in an ocean of them.

 4. The Media Can’t Be Trusted to Know What’s Going On – We cannot trust the same media that didn’t want to vet ObamaCare to dig into what could be another potentially inconvenient truth for the Obama Administration.

Whether it’s Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS, or ObamaCare, the media just doesn’t want to know.

5. The Mainstream Media Lies – The mainstream media lies. It lies all the time. The mainstream media is a degenerate, habitual, serial liar that exists only to serve the government and the noxious little career-climbing bubble it exists in. I always assume the media is lying — that way I’m right more than I’m wrong. The mainstream media is a wretched institution populated with wretched people and only a handful of exceptions.

If you’re foolish enough to believe the mainstream media will put what’s morally good, right, and true above The Club Rules, you obviously haven’t watched CNN’s coverage of the war in Gaza.

I’m not trusting my life or the lives of my loved ones to arrogant, mercenary government bootlickers.  

So what should we do…

I’m watching ALL of the media, not just the mainstream media. New Media, local media…. I’m also reading up on Ebola from objective sources; how it spreads, how long the incubation process is; symptoms, etc.

I’m nowhere near hoarding water and canned goods or locking myself and my loved ones in the house with the doors and windows sealed with duct tape.

But I have stocked up on duct tape.

Don’t panic, but…

Be smart.

Be aware.

Educate yourself.

Spread the word.

The threat is real.

And the more the government and its media try to euthanize you with pats on the head, the more you need to worry.

John Nolte on Twitter @NolteNC             


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