New York Daily News Blasts Obama: 'For God's Sake, Get a Grip'

New York Daily News Blasts Obama: 'For God's Sake, Get a Grip'

The leftwing New York Daily News blasted President Obama on its cover Thursday morning. Referring to the federal government’s appallingly incompetent response to the American Ebola outbreak, the front page headline next to the president’s photo read, “For God’s Sake, Get a Grip.”

After three weeks of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) happy talking its Ebola preparedness and wrist-flicking the potential threat, 3 people in America have been infected with Ebola, two nurses and the man they cared for — who died last week.

We have also learned that the second nurse stricken with the deadly disease flew on a commercial airliner with 130-plus other passengers the day before she was diagnosed, and did so with the CDC’s permission.

Arrogance and incompetence have so far defined the federal government’s Ebola response. Wednesday President Obama canceled a fundraiser to reassure the public he was in charge. After the IRS, NSA, VA and ObamaCare launch, it’s doubtful that will ease many minds.

The only good news to come out of the Ebola horror stories this week is that the CDC is sounding a little less smug.

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