CNN Yanked from Dish Network: Will 14 Million Subscribers Even Notice?

CNN Yanked from Dish Network: Will 14 Million Subscribers Even Notice?

Due to a contract dispute, CNN and 6 other Turner Broadcasting networks have been yanked from Dish Network, a satellite provider that provides television in bundled packages like every cable television provider. The 7 channels also include Turner Classic Movies, the Cartoon Network, Headline News, and TruTV.

News of this dispute is yet another reminder of what an immoral racket bundled cable/satellite is, and how these huge left-wing media companies jam their over-priced garbage down the throats of tens of millions of Americans.

Let’s start with the math:

Dish Network has 14 million of the estimated 100 million households CNN is currently available in. Although it is available in around 100 million households, only about a half-million people on average watch CNN; which is averages to about one-half of one percent. My imperfect science and math indicates that only around 70,000 of the Dish Network’s 14 million subscribers tune into CNN.

How many of those 14 million Dish subscribers are paying for CNN even though they don’t watch it?

Worse, how many millions is CNN making from Dish Network customers who don’t watch but are forced to line CNN’s pockets through these immoral bundled cable packages.

And you can see what Turner is doing here. The package is apparently an all-or-nothing of 7 networks. If Dish wants to provide Turner Classic Movies and the Cartoon Network, it also has to provide 5 others, including losers like Headline News and CNN.

This is why my wife and I once paid upwards of $70 a month for Dish — which is obscene when you’re only watching a half-dozen of the dozens you’re forced to purchase just to get the ones you like. e 5.

Until Netflix Streaming came along, this was pretty much the only option consumers had, and these left-wing multinationals bent us over and took full advantage.

Cut the cord, America … for America.

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