Salon: GOP Gun Advocates Pushing ‘Bizarre, Lethal’ Response to Rape

concealed permit (Joe Raedle/Getty Images/AFP)
Joe Raedle/Getty Images/AFP

On February 28, Salon focused on the growing GOP push for campus carry, calling it a “bizarre” attempt to impose a “lethal solution to the campus rape crisis.”

The good news: Salon admits there is a campus rape crisis on gun-free campuses across the country.

The bad news: Salon still fights against arming women to reduce this crisis.

According to Salon, GOP gun nuts fail to understand that “people aren’t raped because they aren’t carrying firearms. [Rather,] they are raped because someone rapes them.”

But the elephant in the room is gun control, and Salon fails to understand that the women being raped are unarmed, and therefore, largely defenseless. And just as gun-free zones have turned into a breeding ground for those intent on taking innocent life–the Aurora theater, Sandy Hook Elementary, the DC Navy Yard, Fort Hood, etc.–so too, gun-free campuses have emerged as a breeding ground for the “campus rape crisis.”

Salon ultimately claims opening campuses to concealed carry will actually make things more dangerous for women.

Can women not be trusted with a gun? That seems to be a fair question in light of Salon’s near-apoplectic frenzy over the 14 states that are thinking about taking down the “No Guns Allowed” signs on campus.

Salon never answers that question. Instead, they circumvent it by throwing out figures from Everytown for Gun Safety that suggest women will be in even greater danger if the gun-free zones are eradicated. They go so far as to suggest the GOP needs to drop the campus carry push if they really “[want] to show they care about women.”

In other words, although the gun-free zones render would-be victims defenseless in the face of the “campus rape crisis,” the GOP needs to keep them in place to show they care.

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