Paul Begala Admits Hillary ‘Has Non-Archival-Compliant Email System’

Meet The Press

While attempting to spin Politico into believing the email scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton is a big fat sloppy nothingburger, longtime Clintonista Paul Begala did at least admit the former-Secretary of State was guilty of owning and using a “non-archival-compliant email system.”

 “Voters do not give a shit. They do not even give a fart,” said longtime Clinton ally and Democratic strategist Paul Begala, echoing the sentiments of most Clinton allies who believe the all-but-certain nominee is enough of a defined quantity in voters’ eyes that Republican attacks on her email policies cannot sway them — especially not over a year-and-a-half before she faces a competitive vote.

“Find me one persuadable voter who agrees with HRC on the issues but will vote against her because she has a non-archival-compliant email system and I’ll kiss your ass in Macy’s window and say it smells like roses,” he said.

This is a classic Clinton tactic: tell the media they are stupid for wasting their time on a story voters won’t care about. So far it has worked every time.

Corrupt, left-wing outlets like Politico who define aggressive reporting on Democrats as “stalking”  love this kind of spin; they wait for this spin; for an excuse to move on to stories that do matter to voters: like what a nobody Senate candidate said about rape.


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