Ferguson, New York, and Now Indiana: Media’s Lies Always Result In Violence

Oakland Ferguson Protest (AP)

Just a short reminder…

With CNN, The Washington Post, MSNBC and much of the rest of the media goading, excusing, and in some cases, cheering mindless mobs on, the predominantly black working class city of Ferguson burned over many a night.

Eventually two Ferguson police officers were shot. The suspect is one of CNN’s beloved protestors.

The media even tried to bring harm to Darren Wilson, a Ferguson police officer guilty of nothing more than protecting himself from CNN anchor Don Lemon’s Gentle Giant. Thankfully, Wilson was lucky enough to leave his house just after his address information was made public.

As soon as the facts killed the Ferguson narrative, with zero facts to back up the claim, the media and Left (especially Mayor DeBlasio) ginned up another phony, anti-cop racism charge in New York.

This resulted in the execution of two innocent police officers. The murderer, who committed suicide before he was apprehended, was one of the protesters.

Now we have the media lying about Indiana’s religious freedom bill, and targeting a small pizzeria with lies. The headlines and CNN chyrons scream, “Pizzeria Refuses to Serve Gays,” when the truth is that Memories Pizza will serve gays. What they won’t do is participate in or profit from a ceremony celebrating what their faith considers a sin, namely a same sex marriage.

In less than 12 hours after the media targeted this small business, Memories Pizza is considering closing due to death threats. No less than a public school teacher used social media to call on a mob to join her in burning the pizzeria to the ground.

The media use lies to gin up hate against those they hate, and it always, always, always ends in tragedy and violence. Not for the powerful or the wealthy or the wrongdoers, but decent, everyday folks.

The media is losing its influence to New Media and responding with outright hysteria and paranoia.

And CNN always leads the charge. It is a 24/7 generator of misinformation and the pouring of propaganda gasoline on mindless mobs.


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