CNN Exhausts Anti-Cop Hate Campaign; Falls Back to Third Place


Not unlike the unverified audio CNN ran with just as things settled down in in the burnt-out city of Ferguson, apparently Tuesday’s attempt by CNN to extend its anti-cop hate campaign also fizzled. That’s bad news for CNN. Unless the leftwing network is stoking violence in a predominantly poor black city, the science shows that CNN pulls in fewer primetime viewers than the MSNBC Titanic.

This is what happens when CNN isn’t vilifying cops and inciting civil unrest:

Total Viewers:

Primetime: FNC: 2.077 | CNN: 538 | MSNBC: 549 | HLN: 184

During the all-important primetime hours, with more than 2 million viewers, Fox News had almost 4 times as many viewers as second place MSNBC and third place CNN. In the advertiser-coveted age demo, CNN beat MSNBC (198,000 to 125,000). Fox News walloped both with 457,000.

As my friend Ben Shapiro pointed out yesterday, CNN doing its part to whip up riots is lucrative business, and “hell of a lot easier than making a Malaysian airliner disappear”:

The media love riots. Love them. That’s particularly true for CNN, which sees a massive ratings boost each time Americans take to the streets to attack police and loot businesses. Last November, CNN capitalized heavily from the riots in Ferguson, beating Fox News in both the 25-54 demographic and overall. Anderson Cooper won over 6 million viewers; during the primetime hours, CNN drew 2.3 million viewers in the demo over Fox News’ 1.4 million. During the Baltimore riots last week, CNN drew the viewers in massive numbers: the network actually saw a 574 percent improvement over the previous week’s demo. Whipping up riots for ratings: it’s the CNN way, and it’s a hell of a lot easier than making a Malaysian airliner disappear.

Be afraid, inner-city America. Be very afraid.


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