You Know Who Else Set ‘Mousetraps’ For Savages, Chris Matthews? Martin Luther King.


Wasn’t it just last month our country (and the media) celebrated and honored the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King baiting, inciting and setting a mousetrap for hate-filled savages on a bridge in Selma, Alabama?

I believe it was.

What a difference a few weeks and partisanship makes.

Today, according to this same media, peaceful protests organized to defend one’s God-given rights in defiance of barbaric threats of violence are a bad thing — are unnecessarily provocative, guilty of inciting violence, and outright bigotry.

The Islamic-extremist savages told Pam Geller (and all of us) that if she engaged in her Constitutional First Amendment right to satirize Islam, they would behead her. Her righteous response was a peaceful act of brave defiance in the form of a Draw Muhammad Cartoon Contest.

Southern bigots and savages told Martin Luther King that if he engaged in his Constitutional First Amendment right to protest, both physical force and imprisonment would be used to stop him. His righteous response was a peaceful act of brave defiance in the form of a march.

Thankfully, King and those who bravely stood with him, went even further than Geller in poking a finger in the eye of law enforcement and taking the fight into the heart of enemy territory. Geller worked with local law enforcement and held her event in Texas, not Afghanistan.

Like every decent American, MSNBC’s “Hardball” host Chris Matthews reveres Martin Luther King for, among other things,  Selma. And yet, he’s blasting Pam Geller for “mouse-trapping” terrorists, the exact same thing King did 50 years ago and for the exact same righteous reasons.

Again and again and again, Americans target various religions with their own versions of Draw Muhammad Contests. Matthews doesn’t attack them, or all but accuse them of “asking for it.”

Was Martin Luther King “asking for it?”

When Chris Matthews and the rest of the media single out for criticism only those  who offend Islam, they are enforcing Sharia Law, caving to tyranny, and inciting violence by making the threat of violence an effective tactic.

At the risk of his own life, King set mousetrap after mousetrap to expose the savagery of those who demand others curtail their rights.

Pam Geller did the same thing.

The only difference is that the national media was on King’s side.

Today the national media are on the side of appeasing racist, sexist, gay-murdering, theocratic barbarians.


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