‘Rolling Stone’ Cover Boy Sentenced to Death

Rolling Stone

In a first for the embattled publication, one of Rolling Stone’s cover boys was sentenced to death by a federal jury in Boston late Friday afternoon. This is a double whammy this week for the left-wing publication. On top of losing its cover boy, Rolling Stone was also sued this week over a fake rape story published earlier this year.

Although the appeals process will take years, Rolling Stone cover boy Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is expected to face the death penalty after being found guilty for his role in the 2013 Boston Marathon terrorist bombing. Three people were killed in the twin blasts, including an 8 year-old child. A full 260 were injured. While on the run,  Tsarnaev and his brother (who was killed while being pursued by the police) murdered a police officer.

Just weeks after the fatal terrorist attack, the rape-hoaxers at Rolling Stone released a glamour cover of Tsarnev. Rolling Stone’s obvious attempt to glamorize a cold-blooded murderer and Islamic terrorist into a très chic pity-symbol resulted in an immediate backlash, especially in Boston and the surrounding area. Some stores refused to even sell the issue.

A little more than a year after the Tsarnaev cover, Rolling Stone editors and a reporter would publish a rape hoax that falsely accused numerous members of a University of Virginia fraternity of a brutal gang rape.

The rape-hoaxers at Rolling Stone have not yet commented on the fate of their cover boy.


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