Paul Begala Violates CNN Ban On George Takei Scandal — Calls for Apology

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For the first time since Jeff Zucker took control of CNN, the left-wing network is not only refusing to  obsess over an episode of anti-black racism, I have yet to see a single segment on the story. The reason for this is pure partisan politics. When a high-profile same-sex marriage advocate accuses a black conservative of being a “clown in blackface,” there is no political upside for CNN to cover the event, so, in order to protect the Democrat, the former-Most Trusted Name In News buries the scandal

At least one CNN-er, however, has shown the integrity to stray from CNN’s unspoken ban. Paul Begala, a CNN political analyst and longtime Clinton advisor, used his Twitter  account Friday to call on George Takei to apologize to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas:

Takei isn’t just a television actor and professional victim, he is and remains a major figure in the gay rights movement.

For expressing their mainstream Christian views, CNN is happy to launch jihads against Duck Dynasty cast-members. CNN is eager to join jihads against Paula Deen over something she said thirty years ago. These are jihads with political upside — they allow CNN to attack all of their enemies on the political right as racist. To attack the Right as bigots, CNN will frequently go so far as to make things up.

Even if I missed something and CNN has touched on the scandal, if the politics of the Takei scandal were reversed, this scandal would be driving almost every minute of CNN’s coverage today.


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