Weekly Ratings: CNN Loses to MSNBC, Fox News On Top


TVNewser reports that for the week of July 13, during the all-important primetime hours, CNN again lost to MSNBC. In all of cable, CNN primetime viewership collapsed to 27th place while MSNBC landed 5 spots higher in 22nd place.

Fox News was number one.

In total day viewers, CNN barely beat MSNBC, 25th to 26th place, respectively.

Fox News landed in 4th place.

CNN keeps bragging about its comeback, but that’s based on a particular age demo pleasing to advertisers. Even that brag could be coming to an end. On Monday, MSNBC beat CNN in primetime demo viewers.

As far as total reach and impact, CNN is actually in worse shape than MSNBC, and for good reason: over the past couple of years, CNN has moved the left of MSNBC.

CNN’s relentless hate campaigns against police, Christians, the American  military, and conservatives in general  are only going to get their left-wing hate network so far.

As I write this, CNN is in Texas


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