Bundled Cable Deathwatch: Cord-Cutting Leads to 200 to 300 ESPN Layoffs

The Associated Press

Over the past year the left-wing ESPN has no longer been able to rob 3.2 million Americans of nearly $80 a year. The result is a massive loss of revenue and upcoming layoffs that could result in 200 to 300 staffers losing their jobs.

The math goes like this:

For every cable and satellite subscriber, ESPN receives $6.61 per month, or nearly $80.00 per year. Whether you watch ESPN or not, if the left-wing network is part of your cable package, that’s how much money  YOU are giving ESPN to spread its left-wing gospel.

It’s built into your cable bill. And due to this racket, ESPN grosses over $7.3 billion per year.

And there’s nothing you can do about it, except…

Cut your cable cord. This is what 3.2 million Americans have done over the last year or so. The result is not only a massive loss of revenue for ESPN but ESPN is poisoning -7.2% fewer U.S. households. Moreover, justice is being done: more than three million Americans are no longer paying for a service they don’t use or want.

Instead, these millions have probably moved over to streaming, which is infinitely cheaper than cable and has the added benefit — if you spend just $20 for Netflix and Amazon — of no ads. Whereas you are paying about $100 a month for 20 minutes of ads per hour with your bundled cable package.

If enough people cut the cord, ESPN, MTV, Comedy Central, CNN, and MSNBC all go down.

We already got rid of Keith Olbermann.

Cut the cord America.

For America.


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