Bill Maher Doubles Down on Ahmed Mohamed’s ‘Clock’

Bill Maher / Reuters via Fox News
Reuters via Fox News

Credit where it’s due to comedian Bill Maher and HBO show Real Time, which has become one of the few mass media outlets telling the truth about “Clock Boy” Ahmed Mohamed, who was removed from his Irving, Texas school when he brought a device to the school unannounced that resembled a bomb. The story went viral after a push from Islamic activist group CAIR and a tweet from President Obama, but Maher’s show has consistently fought the narrative on it.

On last Friday’s show, Maher assailed the fables spun by liberal apologists, pointing out two basic facts: the “clock” that Mohamed brought to school did look like a bomb, and that the 14-year-old who’s been hailed as a genius inventor didn’t actually invent anything at all.

On the show, Maher referred to Mohamed’s myriad defenders as “ninnies.”

Since the incident, Mohamed has appeared before the United Nations and been praised by everyone from President Obama to the high-tech progressives Facebook and Google.

Maher used a zinger to shut down the notion that the boy removing the back of a piece consumer electronics and showing it to people makes Mohamed any kind of inventor, saying “This is like pouring milk on a bowl of Cheerios and claiming you invented cereal.”

When liberal Ron Reagan, Jr. attempted to claim that the device that Mohamed brought to school didn’t resemble a bomb, Maher quickly defused his argument, urging him, “Try taking that through airport security.”

It’s the second time that Maher has featured the Clock Kid as a topic of discussion. On a previous episode of Real Time, billionaire Marc Cuban revealed that when he spoke on the phone with Muhamed and asked him questions, he could hear his sister whispering answers to him. On that episode Maher also noted that so many young Muslim men have “blown a lot of shit up around the world.”

Maher has repeatedly said that he believes Mohamed should not have been arrested.


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