Video Proof: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Caught Lying About Benghazi Investigation


CNN’s most dishonest anchorman, the left-wing Chris Cuomo, was so eager to protect Hillary Clinton, he has been caught  telling no fewer than three lies while interviewing Benghazi committee member Republican Congresswoman Martha Roby earlier this week. Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw  did the yeoman’s working of breaking Cuomo’s lies down. Be sure to check out his in-depth analysis.

Let’s start with the video:

Cuomo: “But then you get to legitimate questions of well, what else are you going to learn? You’ve had the secretary, the former secretary now, for over six hours. She spoke specifically to what she knew before, during and after. She gave you answers that may not have been satisfying to you, but she gave answers. She talked to you about the threat. She talked to you about her recognition of the threat. She talked to you about her response to the threat.”

Cuomo’s Lie: Clinton has never testified before the Select Committee. The Democrat-controlled committees Clinton did testify before did not have all of the documents, including Clinton’s emails and emails from Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Cuomo: “[Secretary Clinton’s] been the target. You’ve had members of your party, members of this committee, say that it is about her, they were going after her, you had Kevin McCarthy bragging about bringing down her poll numbers, you had that sentiment echoed by other Republican congressmen.”

Cuomo’s Lie: Kevin McCarthy is not on the committee, nor is the other congressman Cuomo refers to.

Cuomo: “These Chris Stevens emails come out. We had Lynn Westmoreland on this show and I kind of gave him a pass on this question. He said, you know, we have emails, nobody else had the emails. That’s not true. Other committees had 25,000 pages of his emails.”

Cuomo’s Lie: Stevens’ emails were not available to anyone until just a few weeks ago. The 25,000 number Cuomo refers to is documents, not the emails.

Cuomo knows the truth. He’s just using lies to intentionally muddy the water and the narrative.

Back in January, Cuomo told the Obama Administration he would use his CNN platform to help Obama pass his agenda through Congress. So it makes sense Cuomo would shift his allegiance and support to Hillary.

Cuomo has been caught lying numerous times. This is a feature not a bug for the leftwing anchor.

Tuesday, Cuomo’s co-anchor Alisyn Camerota was caught lying about President Obama’s desire to confiscate guns.


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