HuffPo, Daily News, Time: Media Attacks Move From Trump to His Supporters


After spending six months in a coordinated effort to grind Donald Trump into dust, the billionaire businessman’s impressive second place showing in Iowa, first place triumph in New Hampshire, and competitiveness with Hillary Clinton in a general election, has apparently resulted in a change of tactics: The media is now moving its attacks from Trump to his supporters.

The fact that three major mainstream publications have engaged in this tactic in less than 24 hours, makes it pretty clear that this new approach is just as coordinated as the previous attacks on Trump himself.

Tuesday night, after Trump’s game-changing New Hampshire victory, the Huffington Post lashed out directly at Trump supporters as “racist sexist xenophobes.” That same night, The New York Daily News attacked Trump voters as “mindless zombies. ” And now the face of Time Magazine, Joe Klein, is smearing Trump supporters as “low-information voters” and a “real threat to this country.”


Obviously, the anti-science Klein didn’t bother to look at  the New Hampshire exit polls. Trump won in every education group, including those with college and post-graduate degrees. Even if you accept the premise (and I do not) that only the formally educated are informed voters, this blows Klein’s theory all to hell.

Consider this a early heads up on what’s coming. The DC Media went kitchen sink with Trump, and the man is not only still standing, he is thriving while laughing in their smug, insulated faces. That didn’t work. So now, using name-calling and hysterics, the media is going to try and shame people away from supporting Trump — try and make his supporters toxic so no one else climbs on board.

Sadly, the mainstream media received permission to launch these attacks from no less than the Republican Establishment, those in the consultant class, the Wall Street Journal and National Review, who for months have launched the exact same demeaning attacks against the powerless who dare disagree with “their betters.”

The DC Media are nothing less than devious, nasty, desperate Leftists willing to do anything to cling to power and a status quo that enriches them and fails everyone else.

Now they are training their fire on powerless, everyday Americans.

And it is only February.


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