Juanita Broaddrick Blasts CNN’s Ana Navarro for Shielding Bill Clinton

Ana Navarro

Juanita Broaddrick publicly ridiculed CNN’s Ana Navarro after the left-wing commentator conspicuously failed to list Broaddrick on a list of those Navarro says she believes are victims of sexual assault and harassment.

In a tweet obviously meant to proclaim her virtuous stand on this issue, Navarro wrote “I believe [the] accusers.” She went on to list the accusers of seven men, including President Trump, Roy Moore, and Al Franken.

One glaring omission, though, is former President Clinton.

For 20 years, Broaddrick has told her heartbreaking, credible, and consistent, story of being brutally raped by Clinton in 1978. So there is no question Navarro is aware of the incident.

This glaring snub of Broaddrick might have something to do with the fact that Navarro was chumming around with Clinton back in June. In fact, so proud was Navarro of her association with the alleged rapist, groper, and harasser, she tweeted out two photos of herself with the former president, and even used one of those tweets to attack Trump:

Navarro’s covering up for Clinton is even more questionable when you realize that it occurred on the same day news broke of four more potential Clinton accusers.

A few hours later, via her Twitter account, Broaddrick called out Navarro for shielding Clinton. “You left out one name,” Broaddrick tweeted, “Do you believe Bill Clinton’s victims? I’d like to know because I am one of them.”

Navarro did not respond, so a few hours later Broaddrick ridiculed the CNN pundit, “Whose your friend there Ana, whom you failed to mention in your “I Believe victim’s of” list. My goodness. Is that Bill Clinton?”

Navarro, whose claim to fame is pretending to be a Republican on last-place CNN, is also a friend of the Bush family. And so, also missing from her “I Believe” list are the half-dozen or so alleged groping victims of former President George H.W. Bush.

Overall, though, Navarro’s questionable motives make sense even outside of whatever personal relationship she might have with Slick Willy. In 2016,even  after spending a month screaming about Trump’s locker room talk on the Access Hollywood tape, Navarro still voted to put Clinton and his chief enabler, Hillary Clinton, back into the White House. On top of that, Navarro also works for a left-wing cable news outlet that has worked overtime for more than two decades to earn the moniker, “Clinton News Network,” a network that cuts the microphones of guests who dare to mention Clinton’s alleged crimes.

Moreover, as any objective observer has witnessed over the years, Navarro’s so-called principles and morals are purely mercenary, and extend only to where her screeching outrage will or will not advance her self-serving ambitions.

For 20 years, Juanita Broaddrick has been ignored and smeared by a mainstream media more interested in protecting Democrats than alleged rape victims; to this day she is still lied about by the likes of NBC’s Andrea Mitchell. Thanks to social media, however, Ms. Broaddrick now has a voice, knows how to use it, and that is very bad news for all of Bill Clinton’s enablers, including propagandist posers like Navarro.


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