My Declaration of Incivility: Media Call Us Nazis. Celebs Call Us C*nts. Dems Scream ‘F*ck You’

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All around us the organized left (establishment media, Hollywood, and Democrats) are lamenting the loss of civility. Of course, to express this lament, they must first take a break from calling us “Nazis,” calling us “cunts,” and screaming “fuck you” throughout the halls of the U.S. Capitol.

Oh, and they must also take a break from bullying us out of public spaces and calling for more even more mobs to be vigilant so we face a “life sentence” of bullying.

With no professional consequences, NBC News is not only calling Trump a “Nazi,” NBC News is smearing his supporters as “Nazis” —  and I do not mean figuratively.

NBC News is not being coy about calling us Nazis. NBC News is not nibbling around the edges of calling us Nazis. NBC News is straight-up calling us Nazis. Why? Because we have no problem with Trump continuing Obama’s policy of separating illegal alien adults from children.

“If you vote for Trump then you, the voter, you, not Donald Trump, are standing at the border, like Nazis,” a NBC star said on the most establishment media show on television — MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

CNN also calls us literal “Nazis,” smears us a “white supremacists,” and then invents us using  the word “nigger.”

The media’s latest crush, the Democrats new Obama — of course I am talking about Westchester socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, just went on a foreign news service, Al Jazeera,  to accuse America of “human rights abuses,” even after it was Trump who put an end to the Obama policy of separating adults and children at the border.

Without any professional consequences, a Washington Post reporter appeared on NBC to publicly call for organized mobs to give White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders a “life sentence” of public harassment because she has “no right to live” a peaceful life.

With zero professional consequences, Hollywood is calling us “cunts.”

Ivanka Trump is a “cunt.” Jeff Sessions is a “cunt.” President Trump is a “cunt.” Sarah Sanders and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen are “worse than cunts.” Ted Cruz supporters are “Republi-cunts.” Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is a “cunt” with a “fucking retard making cunt.”

In the United States Capitol last week — the United States Capitol — a Democrat screamed “FUCK YOU!” at the president of the United States — the president of the United States — and did not lose her job, but our “civil” media made sure this woman did.

Elsewhere, a sitting Democrat congresswoman called on organized mobs to ensure Trump officials “won’t be able to go to a restaurant … won’t be able to stop at a gas station [or] shop at a department store.” She told the mob to “to turn on them” and to “harass them.” And you had better believe “them” is “us.”

For continuing the Obama policy of separating illegal alien adults from children, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) accused Trump of running “internment” camps. The far-left New York Times did the same, as did Democrat billionaire Tom Steyer, as did the left-wing late night comics, as did another Democrat U.S. Senator.

Because “internment” does not incite enough hate, for the sin of continuing Obama’s border separation policy, and to the cheers of the establishment media, open borders supporters over the weekend compared Trump to Hitler and declared border housing facilities “concentration camps.”

But these mobs were only following the lead of a media that had compared Trump’s border enforcement policies to “concentration camps” the week prior.

After being exhausted by this particular line of hate, the establishment media blamed Trump and his supporters for Thursday’s mass-murder of five journalists in Maryland.

And then, after calling Trump a “cunt,” his daughter a “cunt,” his supporters “Nazis,” and screaming “fuck you” at him, the media, Democrats, and Hollywood commit their most obscene act with the demand Trump shut up, roll over, and take it. They accuse him of being a “dictator” when he defends himself, and then they sodomize the Constitution by claiming it reads “The Press Shall Not Be Criticized By Those The Press Have  Smeared as Nazis Who Run Concentration Camps.”

Let me tell you the exact moment I figured out the media’s calls for civility was a sucker’s games meant to put Republicans at a disadvantage, to disarm them, to neuter and house train them… It was during the 2012 presidential campaign when the media allowed a powerful super PAC  (run by Obama confidante Bill Burton) to get away with accusing squeaky clean Mitt Romney of killing a woman. Obama paid no political price for this.

The left started it. They are the ones calling us “Nazis” and “cunts,” they are the bullies bullying women out of restaurants and movie theaters, they are the liars screaming about concentration camps.

So fuck civility, fuck the media, fuck Hollywood, fuck the organized left, and thank God we finally have a president with the moral courage to treat all of them with the contempt they deserve.

And because it’s the Fourth of July, let’s not forget… Fuck Never Trump.

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