Media Blast ‘Blind Partisanship,’ ‘Confrontational’ Nature of Kavanaugh Hearing

Christine Blasey Ford , Brett Kavanaugh
AP/Getty Images

Several members of the media bashed the “blind partisanship” and “confrontational” nature of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Thursday as Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh emotionally defended his name against a sexual assault allegation by California psychology professor Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Kavanaugh delivered a fiery response to Ford’s allegations in his opening statement, calling out Democratic lawmakers for launching a “search and destroy” campaign to block his nomination, while he tearfully explained how the hearings were affecting him and his family.

As Kavanaugh testified before the committee, various members of the media bashed the Supreme Court nominee for sounding like “an angry partisan,” criticized him for being too “confrontational” like President Trump, and claimed he was not acting “like a judge.”

Other journalists decided to straight-up mock Kavanaugh’s testimony on the more personal aspects of his life.

James Hohmann, a national political correspondent for the Washington Post, openly mocked Kavanaugh’s time spent “lifting weights and doing strength training” as the Supreme Court nominee discussed the items on his calendar as a teenager.

“Brett Kavanaugh notes that the summer that the sexual assault allegedly took place, when Christine Ford says he pinned her down on a bed, he had spent a lot of time lifting weights and doing strength training,” Hohmann wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

Several other journalists also mocked Kavanaugh’s response to Sen. Amy Klobuchar, when she asked if there was “ever a time” he could not remember “what happened or part of what happened” after a night of drinking:

One journalist even went as far as to attack Kavanaugh’s demeanor when he ruled on decisions at other points during his career:

Others, like Chris Hayes of MSNBC, mocked the entire hearing as being “two semester’s worth of gender-studies seminars”:



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