Blacklisters at Microsoft’s NewsGuard Still Label Most Debunked Russia Hoaxes as ‘Credible’

NewsGuard, the blacklisting arm of Microsoft, is still deliberately misleading Americans i
Getty: Drew Angerer, Theo Wargo, Amy Sussman, Robert Marquardt; Edit: BNN

NewsGuard, the blacklisting arm of Microsoft, is still deliberately misleading Americans into believing debunked Russia Collusion Hoax headlines are credible.

On Monday, Breitbart News reported on the top 51 debunked Russia Collusion Hoax stories spread by the establishment media over the last few years. A spot check of the first 12 stories on that list shows that the NewsGuard’s seal of approval — a big, green checkmark — still appears next to almost all of those stories!

The blacklisters at NewsGuard argue that it is not signing off on individual stories. Rather, it only signs off on the news outlets publishing those individual stories. But as you can see in the screengrabs above, that is disingenuous. That big, green checkmark of approval still sits next to some of the most misleading stories in history and it is deliberately placed next to the hoax headline — not the outlet.

This is an obvious attempt to mislead causal news readers into believing proven lies about President Trump are true.

Some of these stories might have been updated, but their misleading headlines remain and each of these stories should have been retracted, not spun into “almost true” or merely amended but still loaded with provably false insinuations.

NewsGuard and its corporate media confederates have so rigged the system that unless the news outlet in question fixes the false headline on its own (as Talking Points Memo did below), the lying headline, the fake news lives on forever.

What’s more, why is NewsGuard giving its seal of approval to news outlets that published lie after lie after lie?

Naturally, NewsGuard is blacklisting Breitbart News (a red checkmark sits next to all of our headlines), even though we got the Russia Collusion story 100 percent correct.

What’s more, unlike all the establishment outlets NewsGuard offers its seal of approval to, Breitbart News also got the Brett Kavanaugh story correct, as well as the Covington Catholic High School, George Zimmerman, and “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” stories.

Nevertheless, NewsGuard marks every single one of our correct stories as inaccurate.

In all my decades of following the media, I have never seen a more Orwellian attempt to mislead people by deliberately labeling lies as truth and truth as lies — all in service to Big Brother, the political establishment.


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